AfricaPress-Tanzania: THERE is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens: a time to be born and a time to die, a time to plant and a time to harvest. These are the words from the Holy Bible in the book of Ecclesiastes.

These words reflect that as human beings we shall not live forever and hence we should learn how to number our days that we may gain a heart of wisdom. President John Magufuli had indeed learnt how to number his days and that is why after his death his life has become a memory for all Tanzanians.

The sorrow has been for all groups; the elderly, youths and children and this is why so many artists have been working to compose mourning songs since President Samia Suluhu Hassan confirmed the departure of our hero.

She noted over the state broadcaster TBC that, “Dear Tanzanians, it is sad to announce that today 17 March 2021 around 6 p.m. we lost our brave leader, President John Magufuli who died of heart related complications at Mzena hospital in Dar es Salaam where he was receiving treatment.”

It was indeed a shocking statement that left the entire country and world at large traumatised as they memorised the impact he contributed to the nation especially in the sector of sports and entertainment. In his leadership, President Magufuli once directed the ministers of Information, Culture, Arts and Sports to ensure artists and artistes get all rights for their works.

Whereas in his first term of presidency, he ordered the move of Copyright Society of Tanzania (COSOTA), to the Ministry of Information, Culture, Arts and Sports from the Ministry of Industry. This was to ensure all Tanzanian artists have ownership of their works of art.

The decision was lauded by various artists in the country to protect and acknowledge the entertainment industry’s role in generating economic wealth as well as putting the nation into the entertainment spotlight across the continent and the world. To show appreciation to the country’s hero, artists composed songs that would honour him for his endless love and commitment to serve Tanzania.

This is because, it is not only JPM’s reign in the past five years had seen a steady growth in sports and entertainment sectors but also he showed artists how special they were. That’s why he offered hats to those artists who joined him in the general election campaign.

Among the artists are Diamond Platnumz, Ali Kiba, Harmonize, Nandy and Zuchu who are also recognised as top artists in the country, East Africa and the world at large. In a grief-stricken moment Raymond Mwakyusa (Rayvany) mourned with his fellow Tanzanians in a song touching many, for it reminds how much President Magufuli lived and sacrificed for the country, including the entertainment industry.

“The light has gone; we cannot see it, it’s darkness ahead. Every corner it’s tears, sorrows, tears of sorrow in the heart and it hurts a lot… The good book is on its last page, it is indeed the good ones who do not last forever. Goodbye Magufuli, you have completed your mission father …”

“You have left roads and infrastructures, hospitals and the people you cared for … you showed love to artists, and you were happy and cared for us. We remain with memories of the hats you left with us …”

Other than Rayvany, Rajabu Kahali popularly known as Harmonise accompanied with Ibrahim Mandingo (Country Boy), Ibrahim Abdallah (Ibraah) and many other artists, sang “Asante Magufuli” song ( literary meaning thank you Magufuli) to turn their eyes into tears as they remembered the gone President, who was also an ardent music fan.

With a lot of pain the artists sang, “I wish to cry, but even if I cry the tears cannot stop… I still feel like it’s a dream but…Thank you Magufuli, Thank you Magufuli…” they looked heart broken.

Ali Kiba, among high profiled and long seasoned musicians is in the list of others who released farewell songs, in which in his first verse he quoted President Magufuli’s speech, “One day you will remember me, you will remember me for the good deeds not for the bad because I have given my life for the poor Tanzanians.”

Other than the song, he wrote, “One of the good words you left us is this speech, in which you told us we will remember you for the country; you sacrificed everything to bring your country’s development.”

“You insisted that we should not discriminate against each other based on either religion or tribal backgrounds. I am your youth; I am using your words to honour you, and to urge fellow Tanzanians to do all the work you told us to do. May God put you in a good place, father.”

Among the artists who expressed their emotions was Nasibu Abdul (Diamond Platnumz) who posted a picture of President Magufuli in his Instagram account with tears captioning.

Accompanied with several music artists from Wasafi crew, gospel and fellow Bongo Flava musicians sung a grieving song ‘Lala Salama’ Joseph Kulungi (Mboso) made an opening of the song, with tears overflowing over his chick “I wiped away the tears on the left but still they kept flowing on the right. The grown up, children, the minority all cry for you.”

Christina Shusho followed next as she sang, “You’re asleep … Dad you’re asleep you go… Magufuli go … We loved you but God loved you more Oooh! Dad … Go Daddy Go …” This funeral has indeed been the mourning of the entire Africa.

Just as Tanzanians mourn for their hero, and artists compose songs of mourning for his sacrifice to the people; artists from different parts of Africa have as well composed songs and shared songs to mourn. Among the nations that have carried the impact of this tragedy include Kenya and Uganda.

Artists in Kenya including Kevin Kioko alias Bahati have mourned. He has mourned the late President Magufuli with the song “Safiri Salama”. The song describes Magufuli’s performance in his five years of leadership. In his song he left questions unanswered.

“I am sure we will see each other again, but my question is why did you leave early and you did not say anything? The sun sets and all I see are grieving; our leader you have left us. Magufuli, who will be the guardian of the artists?

“Who will bring planes to Tanzania; to lift the economy as you did…? Why did you leave us still early? “Magufuli have a safe trip … why did you leave us… still early Magufuli…I still can’t believe we won’t see you again, why did you leave this early.”

As well as expressing his condolences to the loss of President Magufuli, he requested him to reach out to several Kenyan leaders who have passed away as well. “Greet our elder Jomo Kenyatta, tell him Kenya is strong and his son reigns… and elder Odinga greet him, and tell him – his son is a hero now then tells him to smile, find Moi and hug him.”

Leaving aside Bahati who composed a mourning song, two Ugandan artists travelled to Dar es Salaam to sign a book of condolences at Julius Nyerere International Convention Centre.

The artists include Joseph Mayanja known as Jose Chameleone; he is a musician. He was accompanied by his younger brother Pius Mayanja alias Pallaso who is a recording artist, songwriter, producer and videographer.

Jose Chameleone on his Instagram page further explained how he was touched and promised to join Tanzanians for the funeral today in Chato. “I witnessed the life of such a great African leader, Rais John Joseph Pombe Magufuli of the United Republic of Tanzania.

I pay respect and salute to the legacy he wrote on the hearts of the common man. I join my Tanzanian brothers and sisters to lay baba to rest in Chato. Rest in Power, BullDozer.”

Other than mourning songs from Bahati, attendance of Jose Chameleone and Pallaso more artists have shared messages of condolences through their social media accounts. Among them are Antoine Mumba (Koffi Olomide) Tanasha Donna, Zarinah Hassan (Zari), Nyamari Ongegu (Nyashinski), and Sauti Sol.


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