AfricaPress-Tanzania: RESIDENT Ali Mohamed Shein yesterday graced the special gathering to celebrate Eid el Adha, an opportunity he used to bid farewell to Zanzibaris as his tenure ends.

I thank you for good support you gave to my administration. I think I have done my best in ten years. Let us pray that elections are conducted smoothly for my successor to take over. I will not add a single day beyond my specified tenure,” he said, as he appealed to voters and residents to ensure that political tolerance prevails during the upcoming General Election.

Addressing several people at Eid gathering in Bumbwini village, north of the Zanzibar City, Dr Shein said the achievements recorded during his tenure should be enhanced by showing support to the incoming president while maintaining peace, love and unity, which are prerequisites for development.

Those in attendance, including Union Vice President Ms Samia Suluhu Hassan and her husband Mr Hafidh Ameir, and Zanzibar’s Second Vice President, Ambassador Seif Ali Iddi heard him say “Despite admirable achievements over the past ten years, we still have challenges that we must strive to overcome.”

Gender based violence, particularly child abuse, armed robbery and beating of people (mainly targeting women) in some areas, theft of farm products and sand quarrying, were some of the challenges members of the public were complaining about.

“I am directing law enforcement and security officers to end this nuisance caused by some youths. We want everyone to leave peacefully,” Dr Shein remarked, stressing the importance of responsible parenting.

During his speech, he paused for some minutes to allow the attendees to observe one-minute silence in memory of retired Union President Benjamin William Mkapa who died last week in Dar es Salaam and was subsequently buried in his home village, Lupaso, in Mtwara Region’s Masasi District. He described the deceased as a great leader, asking Tanzanians to emulate his virtues, including hard work, being committed and accountable in serving people.

Before his nearly hour-long speech, the minister responsible for religious affairs, Mr Khamis Juma Mwalimu, thanked the President to forge cohesion amongst the people of Zanzibar, as Eid el-Adha celebrations were rotated in all 11 districts of Zanzibar.

‘Baraza la Eid’ is held after Eid mass prayers, and during the prayers yesterday at the Msuka grounds, Mahonda Sheikh Ahmed Ash-kina Ali called on the people of Zanzibar to follow the religion teachings of love even during the election seasons.

“Let us remain united even during campaigns and elections. Let us avoid using disgusting words or language. There is a lot to learn from religion including pilgrimage to Mecca,” he said, as lamented about the Covid-19 pandemic which affected this year’s pilgrimage.

He was later joined by Dr Shein in calling on Tanzanians to continue praying because it had been an effective tool for winning the anti-coronavirus battle in the country.

Zanzibar closed down all Covid-19 treatment centres in June this year, but authorities say the virus may still emerge, urging all people to observe health safeguards.

The colourful event was also attended by the Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM) presidential hopeful for Zanzibar Dr Hussein Ali Hassan Mwinyi, Fatma Karume, the widow of pioneer Zanzibar President Abeid Amani Karume, House Speaker Mr Zubeir Ali Maulid, Zanzibar Chief Justice Omar Othman Makungu, and other dignitaries from the government and political parties.


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