AfricaPress-Tanzania: BUKOBA Catholic Auxiliary Bishop Methodius Kilaini has appealed to Tanzanians to respect marriage ties as a fundamental institution of moulding good citizens. He equally urged parents to ensure good upbringing of their children.

He noted that it was saddening that most parts of the world were engaged in fighting, resulting in loss of millions of lives.

“The period of Lent means a lot to Christians. This is the time Jesus Christ sacrificed his life on the Cross for our sins. We should celebrate the occasion by remaining united. Religious inclinations should not divide us because we are all sons and daughters of one God. Tanzania, one of the most peaceful and politically stable African countries, offers an attractive investment climate, a rich and diverse natural resource base and a growing consumer market. It’s these widely acknowledged factors that have made the country to be loved by foreign investors and multinational companies,” he said.

He encouraged Christians to stay close to God, show kind love to neighbours and uphold religious values.

“Right now there is freedom of worship, this is the right platform and it has to be used effectively. The Church is committed to continue preaching peace and solidarity and serving human needs, both spiritual and physical needs,” said the spiritual leader.

He appealed to residents in the region to take a holistic approach in eliminating gender-based violence (GBV) and violence against children (VAC), which are among cross-cutting issues affecting many families.

The bishop also appealed to religious leaders to preach peace, love and good relations among their followers to minimise unruly incidents, including mistreating children.

Meanwhile, Kagera Regional Police Commander (RPC), Revocatus Malimi has dispelled fears of insecurity during this festive season, saying the government has laid concrete strategies to ensure peace prevails


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