Bandari College buys 1.6bn/- simulator May presses Labour to reach Brexit deal


BANDARI College has procured a state of art simulator at 1.6bn/- to simplify port related activities which promote the envisaged industrial development.

The new simulator which is expected to be shipped and installed at the College’s premises in Dar es Salaam, is among other things expected to give opportunity for students to have more practical training so that they can be even more competent in their future duties.
Speaking to the ‘Daily News’ in Dar es Salaam last week, the College’s Principal Dr Joe Kakeneno said Bandari College planned to expand enrolment by attracting both local and foreign students in line with various expansion and modernisation, therefore the need for a modern simulator was of unique importance.

He added that the only college in the country that offers port services courses was facing challenges during practical training of using Dar es Salaam port where a limited number could attend at a limited time, but the new simulator has no limit.

“We had to choose taking few students for more practicing time or more with limited time at the Dar es Salaam harbour, the move challenged the whole process, but as of now, our students will have enough time to practice more at this first ever simulator in the country and Africa at large,” said Olivary John, the College’s Deputy Principal.

According to him, the simulator which has various ways of being used in accordance with the offered courses at his college, will see local instructors and technicians being trained on how to operate it and minor servicing troubleshooting.

Bandari College offers Certificate and Diplomas in ports academic disciplines of Engineering and Maintenance Management, Fire and Safety Management, Shipping and Port Management, Clearing and Forwarding, Logistics and Transport Management as well as ICTs and Records Archives Management. It has a capacity of hosting up to 1,000 students although it currently hosts only 600.

It as well offers short courses for Tanzanians who want to familiarise themselves with national harbours, and foreigners who use the national ports for importing and exporting their cargo.

He said he wished more Tanzanian students opted for his college for even though studying needs one’s commitment, but the future employment for its student is guaranteed.

“Dar es Salaam port is expanding its capacity, Tanga and Mtwara as well they all need Bandari college graduates. The government is as well revamping lake transport by purchasing and rehabilitating ships in Lake Victoria, Nyasa and Tanganyika.

” Other sectors according to him which guarantee jobs for his college’s graduates include transportation systems or standard and meter gauge railway and the ever growing mining industry.

Also some foreign countries like Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Comoros use the college to train their citizens, which means there is an opportunity for exporting such knowledge in those countries.


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