AfricaPress-Tanzania: CRDB Bank, one of the largest lenders in the country, has awarded 30m/- prizes in terms of school fees as part of the campaign to build a culture of savings among parents.

The bank last December embarked on the promotion to mobilise parents to save more for their children under a special product called ‘Junior Jumbo Account’. The campaign was dubbed “TumekusotiAda” (we have sorted out your fee).

CRDB Senior Manager Consumer Liabilities Abel Lasway told journalists on Monday that 30m/- was offered in a single month to 20 winners and each pocketed 1.5m/- for school fees purposes.

“The campaign was purposely done to create a culture of savings among parents or guardians to save for their children. This helps parents to cover costs related to school fees, medical treatment and other expenses without stress,” Mr Lasway said.

The bank said they had obtained winners based on active Junior Jumbo accounts that showed frequent transactions, especially on deposits.

The manager said many parents had been finding it difficult to pay school fees, especially at the beginning of the year as most of them lacked a savings culture for their children.

The situation, according to the bank, has led many children to delay returning to school and continuing with their studies.

“Junior Jumbo has less procedures compared to other accounts and has special features such as no deductions while attracting a number of benefits to a holder,” Mr Lasway said.

CRDB Bank is also committed to providing education to parents to help them realise their children’s dreams of getting better education. CRDB Bank advised parents to cultivate a savings culture and spend on their children’s future.

Mr Lasway said the bank had facilitated a way of doing business by embracing digital technology, which enabled customers to receive services hassle-free at any time and wherever they were.

Some of the CRBD Bank digital services are SimBanking, SimAccount, and Internet Banking through which parents can transact without visiting mortar-and-brick branches—and without meeting a customer face-to-face. Most digital services are using mobile phones platforms.

Two months ago CRDB Bank launched ‘TupoMtaaniKwako’ campaign that aimed at mobilising people to open bank accounts and access formal banking services.

The campaign was a success as by the end of last month over 100,000 new accounts were opened, which was a major feat towards advancing financial inclusion.

The campaign covered 160 districts in 27 regions at the end of last month and was so far “a remarkable success”.

CRDB Bank has more than 260 physical branches, 17,000 agents, and over 700 ATMs countrywide which serve three million-plus customers.


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