Many options in the cryptocurrency world


AfricaPress-Tanzania: It has been a decade since Bitcoin was launched and has gain popularity across the globe. It already puzzled the world as it continues its upward trajectory. When cryptocurrency is mentioned, the first name that comes up is Bitcoin. The wide use of bitcoins has made the majority of people to focus mainly on bitcoin yet there are other cryptocurrencies in the market too.

Bitcoin is used widely because of the trading trajectories it has been offering. People love the thrilling experience of trading. Trading has been easier with safer trading bots such as the Bitcoin revolution which makes huge profits on a higher and easier level. These bots assist traders to make greater profits. The critical thing is to find a reliable bot and then trading becomes safer.

Many people think cryptocurrencies are far-fetched but they are the simplest forms in which you can invest. Cryptocurrencies are divisible which means you can buy small fractions initially. The exchanges and brokers are open 24 hours a day and you can trade at any time. The transaction fees of these assets are lower than the traditional fiat currencies. Majority of potential investors and renowned companies have started investing in this realm.

Cryptocurrencies for 2021

The crypto world has different forms of currencies. Other than bitcoin many other currencies are being used. Let us clear the perplexing situation for the people by listing out the best ones in 2021.


Bitcoin is the pioneer and needs no introduction. It is the only form of the digital currency known to the majority of people across the globe. Though it is inherently volatile people still trade in it. Bitcoin faced a brief recessionary environment in March 2020. As soon as summers hit bitcoin flared up, with prices skyrocketing. Therefore, it is the most famous and profit gaining cryptocurrency in 2021.

Ethereum (ETH)

Ethereum is a very viable option for newcomers in the crypto world. It is the most popular after bitcoin. In September 2020, the prices of Ethereum increased by 60 per cent but rallied along with bitcoin. Moreover, anyone can build on its blockchain and that is the reason it will be a lucrative crypto asset to trade. It is found to be on the helm of the Defi revolution that will impact the prices throughout.

Ripple (XRP)


Ripple is an open-source platform that guarantees dirt-free and cheap transactions. This makes it lucrative and people would go for it. Like other digital currencies, there was a decline in Ripple as well but it managed to regain a healthy increment. Many traditional financial institutions managed to join hands with Ripple, meaning this currency would have exposure throughout this year. Institutions like MoneyGram have partnered with Ripple and people are bullish on it.

Tron (TRX)

Tron hosts more dapps (decentralized applications) than Ethereum which makes it a more lucrative option in 2021. Furthermore, it has served to be the backbone for establishing a free worldwide digital entertainment. Removing the need for mediator, Tron allows anyone to publish their content by building on the blockchain. As a result, more organisations are focusing on it and developing great interest. This means the prices of Tron would rise high this year.

Cryptocurrencies are outstanding. They managed to rise even during unpredictable times. The Crypto world was the only industry that managed to survive safely during 2020. As soon as 2021 began, the cryptocurrencies touched the sky when it comes to prices. So, investing in this industry would be the best thing in 2021.


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