AfricaPress-Tanzania: RULING Party CCM leaders in Chato District, Geita Region have been advised to closely monitor the projects initiated by the late Dr John Magufuli as a way to honour his legacy.

The call has been made by CCM Chairperson, Alhaji Said Karidushi during a meeting with fellow leaders and members of the party’s Council of Elders.

Mr Karidushi noted that it was bluntly known how Dr Magufuli was progressively targeting to upgrade development and thus the best way to keep his legacy is to ensure the projects’ completion.

He said though the nation was in grief, yet party leaders must closely work with the government to revive projects and advocate for development.

“Everyone of us knows that the late Dr Magufuli was a visionary leader with a lot of plans for our nation, who wanted to see the people benefitting from the country’s resources. Thus, we as party leaders have to follow the steps of our beloved leader,” he said.

For his part, Geita Regional Commissioner, Mr Robert Gabriel assured the public that the government will keep working closely with its leaders so that everything goes smoothly.

“I assure you that we as the government will safeguard, respect and follow all guidelines to supervise and initiate all development projects focused for Geita people.

We genuinely understand that residents are in need of development, therefore we will encourage the public to maintain the vulnerable people’s rights.” He added.


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