AfricaPress-Tanzania: FIRST Vice-President, Maalim Seif Sharif Hamad has asked political party supporters to practice tolerance and avoid extremism and conservativeness as the best way to enhance the current political atmosphere in the Isles.

“The current political situation is good because people are now working together and fully engaging in building the country after completing the general elections. Let each of us minimize having a strong political stand,” Maalim Seif said during his ongoing education tour in Unguja North region and later in Urban-West region.

During his tour, he met with his party supporters and other ordinary citizens, telling them about the importance of forgiving and promoting reconciliation and unity which resulted into the rebirth of the Government of National Unity (GNU) on 7th December, 2020 when he was sworn-in as the first vice-president.

“Let us practice tolerance and love among us, never can the country achieve its development goals under division and hatred,” Hamad, a renowned political veteran said. He said that many communities conflict because of remaining as ‘hardliners and radical’, without thinking of the sustaining benefits of reconciliation, “Please change your mindsets so that we can move forward.”

In his message to the people of Bumbwini in Unguja North and the citizens who gathered at the Sheikh Idrissa Abdulwakil Hall, Kikwajuni in urban-west region, the first VP emphasized that the 8th phase government under president Hussein Ali Hassan Mwinyi is committed to unity, and people should do the same.

He said that even the first President of Zanzibar, the late Sheikh Abeid Karume had a vision to unite the people, and immediately after the revolution of 1964, he made a law aimed to unite Zanzibaris.

Political rigidness was temporary, but later in 1992 multiparty democracy was re-introduced to open doors to practice democracy without hatred and violent conflicts.

Maalim seif urged all people to rally behind President Mwinyi, saying that he is showing the way to unity and everyone in Zanzibar, regardless of their political and religious affiliation should play a big role to sustain the unity “We have inherited from our ancestors.”

He said it is discouraging to hear that while President Mwinyi and his team are promoting love and unity among Zanzibaris, some few people are doing the contrary.

He did not mention the people frustrating the unity. At the meeting in Unguja North, its Regional Commissioner, Mr Ayoub Mohamed Mahmoud promised “We the people in the north have wholeheartedly welcomed GNU and reconciliation, we are now implementing.”

Mr Salim Gharib, one of the residents in the area told the first Vice-President “We do not have any problem with GNU, but we cry for our beloved clerics still in jail without trial for seven years now. Charge them or free them instead of keeping them in jail all this time.”


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