TANZANIA continues enjoying remarkable diplomatic voyage after embarking on new his- toric ties, which strengthens the country’s posi- tion in international diplomatic arena.

For the first time since independence the East African giant yesterday received a Portuguese ambassador, thus, pushing the country’s much-sought economic diplomacy aspiration to new heights.

Ms Maria De Paiva is the new Portugal ambassador to Tanzania. She also presides as the southern European country’s ambassador to Mozambique.

Receiving credentials of nine newly appointed foreign diplomats at separate meetings, President John Magufuli assured them of the country’s readiness to strengthen cooperation with their respective countries on development agendas, notably economic diplomacy.

The fifth phase government champions the country’s industrialisation endeavour and key to its success is the attraction of foreign direct investments, where economic diplomacy plays a key role.

Cognisant with that, Dr Magufuli used the occasions to urge the diplomats to encourage traders and investors from their countries to invest in various sectors in Tanzania including agriculture, fisheries, mining, oil and gas and other businesses for mutual benefits.

The Head of State stressed that the cooperation between Tanzania and the countries they represent will help in sharing experience, knowledge, technology and capital to help utilise the available resources in Tanzania for the benefit of its people and citizens of the respective nations.

Other envoys who presented their diplomatic credentials to President Magufuli at the State House and their countries in brackets included Douglas Yong (Singapore), Alex Chua (Philippine), Angela Comfort (Jamaica), Dr Christian Fellner (Austria), Francisca Odunton (Ghana), Jesus Puppo (Venezuela), Yacin Bouh (Djibouti) and Oded Joseph (Israel).

Upon their arrival at the State House, the ambassadors and high commissioners were welcomed by the president and other senior government officials including Foreign Affairs and East African Cooperation Minister Prof Palamagamba Kabudi, among others.

In an interview with Tanzania Broadcasting Corporation (TBC) at the State House, Foreign Affairs and East African Cooperation Deputy Permanent Secretary Mr Ramadhan Mwinyi said that Tanzania was committed to cooperate with the new envoys so that it can benefit from the existing diplomatic relations.

“We are looking forward to cooperating with the newly-appointed envoys on how we can benefit from the existing diplomatic relations with the involved nations,” he said.

He lauded government’s spreading out of the diplomatic wings, saying it was encouraging to see that Tanzania received credentials from countries which had no representative in the country, like Portugal.

“Tanzania has a lot to learn from Portugal through its new envoy … the country has an integrated economy which depends mainly on the service sector as a source of revenue,” Mr Mwinyi said.

The new envoys held talks with President Magufuli and conveyed messages from their respective heads of state who commended the existing diplomatic relations and cooperation with Tanzania.

Speaking recently at a sherry party held in Dar es Salaam which was attended by the diplomatic corps and representatives of international organisations among others, Dr Magufuli said that the government has been taking various measures to improve the business environment in the country such as implementation of the Blueprint for Regulatory Reforms to Improve the Business Environment.

He assured them that Tanzania is a viable investment destination.

Dr Magufuli said Tanzania will continue to cooperate with foreign countries in various spheres, including development and improvement of social welfare.

He said the government will continue implementing the National Five-Year Development Plan 2016/2017-2020/2021 focusing on upholding peace and strengthening the Union between Tanganyika and Zanzibar.

“The five-year development plan is focusing on consolidating peace and harmony, as well as strengthening the union…it is also centered on proper supervision of the economy to grow at 7.1 per cent, controlling inflation and strengthening foreign reserves,” Dr Magufuli said.


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