AfricaPress-Tanzania: PRESIDENT John Magufuli has relieved the tension among his appointees after declaring that he has no plans of making reshuffles.

Dr Magufuli, particularly, cooled down Regional and District Commissioners as well as executives in public offices, insisting their positions were under no threat.

He was speaking at the swearing-in ceremony for Attorney General (AG) Professor Adelardus Kilangi at Chamwino State House in the Capital City Dodoma, on Monday.

The President said he had learnt of the rising tension among his appointees over possible changes in the government following the recently-concluded 2020 General Election.

Allaying such fears, Dr Magufuli vowed not to shake-up his government after a splendid performance that largely paved the way for his CCM party’s landslide victory in the October 28th polls.

“I wonder why they should be worried while they are part of achievements attained during my first tenure, including election victory,” the Head of State affirmed.

He decried the attitude whereby public servants, including presidential appointees become worried about their positions whenever a new regime or government comes in.

The Head of State, who was reelected with a record 84 per cent of all valid votes, said there was no need of making changes after every election if those trusted in public services executed their roles diligently.

“I assure you that there are no changes,” he assured his appointees, as he reminded them to work hard in their respective areas, noting that he would like to conclude his term with those he appointed previously.

Dr Magufuli, however, warned that he would not hesitate to replace any appointee if they underperformed, or in case of retirees and resignations.

President Magufuli said changes would only be made in ministerial posts following the general election in which some Members of Parliament have stumbled in their reelection bid while new faces have surfaced.

“I cannot hide about it, there will be changes in ministerial posts in wake of the general election, and the fact I have wider choices because of the number of CCM MPs elected,” he said.

In last week’s election for parliament, CCM won 256 constituency seats out of 264.

While Speaker Job Ndugai and his Deputy Speaker Tulia Ackson are favoured to retain their posts when the lawmakers vote for the House leaders this week, many observers expect President Magufuli to retain one of his trusted lieutenants Kassim Majaliwa as Prime Minister.

Mr Majaliwa sailed unopposed, retaining the Ruangwa legislative seat for his third term, having been elected for the first time in 2010.


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