PRESIDENT John Magufuli yesterday swore in his new appointees, citing outstanding performance, commitment, dedication and integrity as reasons behind their promotions.

Among those who took oath were new Commissioner Generals of Prisons Services and Fire and Rescue Brigade, (CGP) Suleiman Mzee and (CGF) John Masunga.

Others are five permanent secretaries (PS), one deputy permanent secretary, three regional administrative secretaries (RAS), commissioner of lands in the Ministry of Lands, Housing and Human Settlement, registrars of the court, and commissioners of the Judicial Service Commission of Tanzania.

Speaking during the event, President Magufuli said the newly-appointed leaders received merited promotions. He eloquently described the attributes of every one of his new appointees.

Highlighting his keenness to details, the president’s speech was a clear message to his aides that he makes close follow up on the performance of public officials from the grassroots to the central government.

The president hailed the new Prisons Services boss, CGP Mzee, a Brigadier General of the Tanzania People’s Defence Forces (TPDF), for a solid performance in his previous station.

“He was the head of Pangawe regiment in Morogoro where he did a lot of changes, I have decided to give him this job so that he can transform the Prisons department,” stated Dr Magufuli.

President Magufuli was upbeat that CGP Mzee will live up to the expectations, saying he will have to employ military techniques to bring about the much-needed changes at Prisons.

Once again, the president expressed dismay that the current Prisons Force could not execute its own projects, citing the recent construction of residential houses for prisons wardens carried out by the National Service.

“It is quite unacceptable that the Prisons department can’t even build their own houses,” insisted Dr Magufuli.

On CGF Masunga, Dr Magufuli explained his optimism that he won’t repeat the blunder committed by predecessor, Mr Thobias Andengenye.

He described Mr Masunga, who has been shifted from Prisons Services, as a hard worker and a smart person who wants to see things moving.

“I could have appointed him to head the Prisons Services but I was worried that he may not be receiving good cooperation from other officers from the force, as was the case with the outgoing CGP,” he said.

The Head of State also hailed the new PS of the Ministry of Information, Culture, Arts and Sports Dr Hassan Abbasi for his tireless and commendable efforts as the government spokesperson.

Dr Abbasi was the Director of Tanzania Information Services Department, MAELEZO and the Government Chief Spokesperson, and served the post diligently.

“When someone deserves promotion, there is no option but to give it to him, he did so well in his previous job. And he will continue to serve as the government spokesperson until we find his replacement,” Dr Magufuli said of Abbasi.

Permanent Secretary in Ministry of Home Affairs Mr Christopher Kadio was also described as the hard worker who put forward national interests in all government projects.

Mr Kadio, who previously served as the RAS in Mwanza, was particularly hailed for his role in the construction of the health centre in Nansio Island following the sinking of Mv Nyerere ferry in Lake Victoria.

“He is also supervising another project that will be completed soon, he cooperated well with the Regional Commissioner (RC) John Mongela, and I know the RC will be hurt with this,” explained the head of state.

President Magufuli described the new PS in the Ministry of Industry and Trade Prof Riziki Shemdoe, as a very tolerant person, who always showed readiness to serve at the lower level.

“Despite his professorial, he started as the district executive director (DED) of Mufindi in Iringa region where he performed excellently, improving revenue collections before he was promoted to the RAS position in Ruvuma,” he emphasized.

Meanwhile, Eng Zena Said, a new PS in the Ministry of Energy won the president’s confidence after she delivered when presiding as RAS in Tanga.

“She’s firm and was able to prevent government funds from being embezzled.”

According to Dr Magufuli, the PS will be assisted by Deputy Permanent Secretary, Mr Leonard Masanja who also has a good record in the energy sector.

He participated efficiently in the whole process that enabled the construction of the Julius Nyerere Hydropower plant.

President also revealed that he promoted Ms Mary Makondo to the Permanent Secretary position in the ministry of Lands, Housing and Human Settlement Development, due to her sold performance coupled with high integrity at her previous capacity as the Lands Commissioner.

“She was disliked by most people in the ministry because of her firmness, so I decided to promote her and keep her at the ministry,” he said, urging the new PS to keep on a good work and address the challenges facing the ministry.

The Head of State asked all the appointees including those who will work for the judiciary to work hard and put forward national interests.

“I will be happy to see positive results from all of you, I’m wishing you all the best on your new roles,” said the head of state.

For their part, some of the appointees pledged to try to transform the sectors that they are going to serve.

Dr Abbasi promised to carry on his good work, saying his challenge will be to transform all sectors under the ministry.

He was proud of changes that he has brought to the information services department since he joined the office.

CGP Mzee who reported to the office immediately, promised to come up with ideas that will make the department independent financially.

“We need to have projects that will earn us money, enable the department pay dividend and make good use of the available workforce to make things happen,” he noted.

Other leaders who took oath were Judica Omari RAS Tanga, Mr Stephen Mashauri RAS- Ruvuma, Mr Emmanuel Tutuba RAS-Mwanza while Mr Nathaniel Nhonge new Lands Commissioner.

The list also included the Chief Court Registrar Mr Wilbert Chuma, Registrar of the Court of Appeal Mr Kelvin Mhina and Commissioners of the Judicial Service Commission of Tanzania, Gerald Ndika, Advocate Julius Kalolo and Genoveva Kato.

Ms Shamira Sarwart who was appointed the Registrar of the High Court was sworn in by the Principal Judge, Dr Eliezer Fereshi.

The event was attended by Chief Justice Prof Ibrahim Juma, some ministers, deputy ministers and other government leaders.


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