AfricaPress-Tanzania: SEVERAL lawyers over the weekend joined other Tanzanians to congratulate President Samia Suluhu Hassan for nominating Dr Phillip Mpango as Vice-President of Tanzania.

Dr Mpango was sworn in as the new Vice-President in Dodoma last week, succeeding President Ms Samia, who assumed the presidency following the death of President John Magufuli.

Reacting, several lawyers described the former Buhigwe Member of Parliament and Minister for Finance and Planning as extremely humble, but a very strict leader and top economist with vast experience as a public servant and later as a minister.

Advocate Dickson Mtogesewa told the ‘Daily News’ in a telephone interview that having served under the late President Magufuli, Dr Mpango has the advantage of having stringent financial and administrative oversights and practically knows government finances and its connected risks.

“He is privileged to know where he, if at all our country faces real financial and government challenges, can assist to prescribe real and bankable solutions to support the private sector, and business so that essential needs are readily and more available to the people,” he said.

The member of the bar association also pointed out that while in parliamentary proceedings, Dr Mpango exhibited a great aptitude to face opposing views or take a second opinion.

He said that such a trend was healthy in fostering democracy. A soft-spoken lawyer, Paschal Kamala, explained that being a veteran economist, the new Vice-President has a major role to play to assist the Head of State.

“During his tenure as a Minister of Finance, he has played a big role to stabilize the economy and Tanzanian currency against foreign currency. Hopefully he will use his expertise to assist the president for a better economic growth,” he said

The President of the Tanganyika Law Society (TLS), Dar es Salaam Region, Mr Augustino Emmanuel pointed out that Dr Mpango has a very good Curriculum Vitae and that he is an economist with vast experience as a public servant and later as a minister.

“We are a middle income country and this happened when Mpango was Finance Minister. President Samia wanted an assistant who understood the economy of the country, who would assist her drive the agenda of former President Magufuli of making Tanzania self-reliant,” the lawyer said.

Advocate Jonathan Mbuga described the new VicePresident as an extremely humble man and one who stands on what he believes, particularly when it comes to an issue of his professional or scope of his work.

“He is hard working, clean and moreover, he is a person who believes in the legal system as well as human rights,” he said.

Seasoned lawyer Jonson Mbwambo said that while serving as minister, Dr Mpango demonstrated the need to observe rule of law in running the government and also expressed his position to promote the private sector and protect foreign investments.

“His exposure and experience with international financial institutions like the World Bank, where he worked before is also an added advantage in this administration,” the lawyer said.

Advocate Gerald Nangi described Dr Mpango as a “should do” and “could do” person. According to Ndangi, his background is an added advantage which gives Tanzanians hope that their aspirations towards making the country better will be realised.

“My expectations are that he will assist the president to ensure we attain economic development and at the same time maintain rule of law for the betterment of all Tanzanians,” remarked the youthful and upcoming lawyer.

On his part, Advocate Oscar Msechu described the VP that though he looks humble, he is firm and hardworking and that’s why he is one of the ministers who maintained his position as Minister of Finance and Planning in the previous administration which was difficult to run.

“His hard-working spirit was evidenced when we were able to do things that led to our country reaching the middle income. He is a man who doesn’t have groups and is an unpopular figure, but he is the right choice,” he said.


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