AfricaPress-Tanzania: A 1598-ACRE Chanzuru farm in Kilosa District that has been in dispute for some time was on Monday settled after Prime Minister Kassim Majaliwa intervened with amicable solution.

The conflict was tense between Laizer Maumbi and Ameir Nahad, let alone other residents who invaded the land and established homes all claiming it was theirs.

After visiting the area, the Prime Minister ruled that the land be given to Mr Maumbi so that he could develop it by growing sisal.

Moreover, the Premier directed that the residents who had entered onto the area including Viwanja 60 and Chekeleni villages should not be evacuated.

However, he ordered that the parcel should be surveyed to determine its size so that Mr Maumbi be compensated.

Mr Majaliwa reached the consensus after meeting with Permanent Secretaries from his office, Ministry of Lands, Housing and Human Settlement and Development, as well as the President’s Office (Regional Administration and Local Government).

Other government leaders in attendance were Morogoro Regional and District leaders at a meeting held in Dodoma, where he said: “Government leaders should properly supervise and coordinate this matter so that citizens living within the farm are not disturbed, but they should continue living there and the remaining portion be given to Mr Maumbi.”

Elaborating, the Premier said initially the farm was owned by Mr Sadruddin Rajabali who later sold it to Mr Maumbi, who used it to keep livestock and for other agricultural purposes.

Mr Majaliwa also directed officials in charge of land management in Kilosa District to ensure the matter was well implemented and justice dispensed to Mr Maumbi, including taking disciplinary measures against government officials who were involved in illegal sale of the farm.

He further instructed the Morogoro Regional Administration to ensure all big parcels of land, which are lying idle, are identified and developed, adding: “Regional authority should also give recommendation to the government on proper measures to be taken.”

On his part, Morogoro Regional Commissioner Loatha Sanare used the platform to thank the Prime Minister for ending the conflict and promising to implement the directives.

Mr Maumbi was grateful for the decision reached by the Premier, saying the farm was his only asset after he had sold all his assets to acquire it.


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