AfricaPress-Tanzania: TANZANIA will chair the key United Nations Committee of Credentials for 2020/21, it was disclosed.

This is the first time for this great East African country to be at the helm of a key UN organ consisting of nine members from different countries.

According to a Ministry of Foreign Affairs and East African Cooperation statement issued, Tanzania has been unanimously endorsed by the members of the committee.

The statement said Tanzania was appointed to chair the committee after the President of the UN General Assembly recommended it to that position.

Other committee members are the US, Russia, Cameroon, Uruguay, Iceland Papua Guinea, Trinidad and Tobago.

Speaking shortly after the appointment, Tanzania’s Rep resentative to the UN, Ambassador Prof Kenedy Gaston, said the position has significant meaning to the country’s status in the international community.

“This shows that Tanzania is accepted, valued and respected in the international community due to the able leadership of President John Magufuli. This shows clearly that the country has a sound foreign policy,” he stated.

Upon its appointment, Tanzania yesterday led its first meeting in New York under its chairmanship for the first time.

Political scientist Prof Gaudens Mpangala of Ruaha Catholic University (RUCU) said although Tanzania being a member of the UN has a right to be chosen, the selection proves that the international community has trust in this largest country in East Africa.

“I think this trust emanated from Tanzania being a peaceful nation,” he said, adding: “During this one year of chairmanship we have to work diligently to give the country mileage.”

He said the move transports Tanzania’s image to the international community and that it opens various opportunities of bilateral relations.

Tanzania’s journey to take a front seat to the UN committee started in September when the country was appointed as a member.

The committee is appointed at the beginning of each regular session of the General Assembly. It consists of nine members proposed by the President.

Among other things, the committee is mandated to examine the credentials of representatives of member states.

According to Rule 27 of the Rules of Procedure of the General Assembly, member states must send the credentials of their representatives to the UN Secretary- General more than a week before the opening of the regular session.

“Being nominated in the Committee proves that the UN has confidence in the leadership of President Magufuli,” the foreign ministry statement said. “The appointment of the country into such a sensitive committee is a proof of how UN member states have faith in Tanzania on major issues — defence and security, human rights, good governance and development.”

This is the third time Tanzania is appointed to the committee. It first made it to the organ during the 64th General Assembly in 2009. It was again appointed during the 68th Assembly in 2013.


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