AfricaPress-Tanzania: THE re-elected President John Magufuli has prioritised constructing the hyper modern sports arena in Dodoma capable of accommodating a big audience and sports activities in a near future.

He made the remarks at Jamhuri Stadium in Dodoma where some people missed an opportunity to witness his swearing -in ceremony as the venue failed to accommodate all of them.

The President was sorry to a big number of people failed to enter the stadium due to its incapacity.

“I thank and congratulate the organising committee for the good preparations for the event. “Your appearance has left the government with a responsibility to fulfill the first challenge and that is to construct a very big stadium here in Dodoma that will accommodate a big number of people.”

As well as making the promise, JPM thanked the artistes for colouring the swearing-in ceremony and the election campaigns.

“I thank the CCM leaders from the national level to the grassroots, members, supporters, fans and other Tanzanians including the artistes for campaigning and voting for me across the country. It is your efforts that have enabled our party to claim a landslide victory.”

Moreover, the celebration was brightly coloured with over 100 Bongo Flavor artists who performed on the same stage.

Among them were Diamond Platinumz, Harmonize and Alikiba who have been with JPM since the beginning of the election campaigns.

JPM, besides his immense contribution to sports development, has been a big boost to the artists most notably musicians and others who engage in performing arts.

JPM’s reign in the past five years has seen a steady growth in sports and entertainment sectors, and the arts-loving Head of the state, had most often promised more vitality in the 2020/25 term.

The President who made that remarks in his speech to dissolve the Parliament in Dodoma on June 11th this year, said the two sectors contributed immensely in the growth of the country’s economy.

During President Magufuli’s five years reign, Tanzania has made great strides in the sports sector especially in football, where youths programme development is slowly beginning to pay off.

The country has made a notable progress in the women and girls’ football as proved by Kilimanjaro Queens, the Mainland football team, which won back to back CECAFA Women Championship before being dethroned by Kenya late last year.

During President Magufulis’ five year reign, national team, Taifa Stars qualified into the Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) finals staged last year in Cairo, Egypt, for the first time after almost 30 years.

The proposed construction of the ultra-modern sports complex in Dodoma is also on card, where the state had acquired 350hectares much more than 150hectares that were needed for the project.

It is said the new stadium would cost between 80m/- and 100m/- US dollars to be able to accommodate a seating capacity of between 85,000-105,000 spectators.


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