Arua traders want more market space

Arua traders want more market space
Arua traders want more market space

Africa-PressUganda. Female traders and vendors in Arua City have called on the authorities to construct more markets, especially in the outskirts, in order to decongest the main market and create more business opportunities.

The traders argue that inadequate markets in the area is fuelling smuggling, especially for those involved in cross border trade.

They also say the central market, whose construction is complete and will soon be open for use, won’t accommodate all the vendors.

One of the vendors, Ms Viola Anguko, on Tuesday said: “We are always worried because we leave the main market late in the night and travel long distances back home. This is not secure for some of us.”

She added: “If the government can construct more modern government in other locations, it would enable us boost our income.”

She said city law enforcement officers confiscate their goods when they display them on streets there they lack space in the market.

For about three years now, vendors in Arua City have been selling their goods on streets and roads after construction of Arua Central Market started.

Even the two temporary markets created by the authorities could not accommodate all the traders.

The city commercial officer, Mr Jobel Ayiko, admitted that the two temporary markets are not enough.

“But once the central market is opened, we shall be able to solve some of the problems the women have raised. The streets are not gazetted areas for business because it makes the town to be disorderly.”

More than 2,000 market vendors are to miss the space in the Arua Central Market that is yet to be opened for business.

Arua Central Market has been constructed under the Market and Agricultural Trade Improvement programme (MATIP II) in the Ministry of Local Government. The Shs34.9 billion market that will house about 4,600 vendors.


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