Bobie Wine; Suspend three judges or i take the matter to public opinion



Reported by Faridah N Kulumba

The National Unity Platform presidential candidate Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine asked 3 justice judges to step down from his petition accusing them of conflict of interest.

Kyagulanyi says that in the past some of the justices had a personal attachment to the president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni Tibuhaburwa who is the defendant.

The former presidential candidate is also also petitioned the United Nations Human Rights Commission over human rights violation.

Kyagulanyi said this while addressing the media at his National Party Platform headquarters in Kampala the first time since January 14th 2021 election.

Bobi wine the National Unity Platform president at the beginning of February 2021, petitioned the Supreme Court challenging the 14th January 2021 election won by the incumbent Yoweri Museveni.

Through his lawyers led by Medard Ssegona raised 26 grounds against Museveni saying that they had proof that the election was rigged.

Bobi’s lawyers asked court to base on the evidence presented to nullify the election and order for a new one without president participating in because he did not qualify.

Kyagulanyi says his not comfortable with 3 judges of 9, named the Chief Justice Owiny Dollo, Ezekel Muhanguzi and Mcheal Kibita hearing his petition.

What is Bobi Wine based on to withdraw the three justices from his suit?

Bobi says that Chief justice Owiny Dollo Was Museveni’s defense lawyer in the 2001 presidential election petition.

‘We know that the Chief Justice is the former minister in the NRM government. People like the honorable Michael Kibita who we all know was the private for legal affairs in Mr Museveni’s office for 7 year. We also know that honorable Ezekel Muhanguzi is a relative to General Elly Tumwine, a person that the national and international community has castigated to abusing human rights a very very powerful regime apologist has a relative who is going to determine the fate of his boss.” says Bobi

But the judicial spokesman Jemson Karemani while speaking to our AFP reporter he said that there are procedures followed when a petitioner want a judge to be off the case.

“If any one does not want a person sitting in his case must solve it before the court, and give your reasons. It is not the first time these things have come up, many times people have asked judges to withdraw from case and some how others have left, it depends on what issue are you raising.” Karemani said.

Kyagulanyi also complained about the duration of 30 minutes in which he is supposed to present his evidence in court.

He said that in the previous presidential petition, submission lasted for a whole week, and lawyers would submit orally and verbally and that many people were able to follow the case.

What will be Kyagulanyi’s next move if his plea is not considered?

Bobi says that he has plan B, where he will be taking his petition for public opinion.

“ If they don’t accept the clear evidence to them, then we shall have no options but withdraw from their court and when we do that the next step is to take the matters to public opinion.” Kyagulanyi said.

Why does Bobi still lamenting from unfairness of Supreme Court? 

While speaking to our AFP reporter, this was his response.

‘’These are institutions of the state, these are servants of the people of Uganda, and we are here representing the people of Uganda. And we go to the courts of law to seek justice, and when we don’t get justice or when we see justice being compromised we raise the matter.” Bobi explained.


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