Bushenyi leaders, Unra clash  over Mbarara-Ishaka road

Bushenyi leaders, Unra clash  over Mbarara-Ishaka road
Bushenyi leaders, Unra clash  over Mbarara-Ishaka road

Africa-Press – Uganda. Bushenyi District leaders have expressed dissatisfaction with the government and Uganda National Roads Authority (Unra) over the deteriorating state of the Mbarara-Ishaka road.

The leaders say the road has become a deathtrap to motorists, adding that numerous calls to have it rehabilitated, have fallen on deaf ears.

Speaking during a meeting between the district leaders and Unra officials on Wednesday, the Bushenyi-Ishaka municipal mayor, Mr Richard Byaruhanga, said the public was demanding better roads.

“Everywhere we go as leaders, people keep asking us about this road that has so far claimed lives because of its shape. Our gathering here is in vain if this road is not rehabilitated. It has become a public concern and there is no way we can keep quiet about it,” said Mr Byaruhanga.

The Bushenyi District Woman Member of Parliament, Ms Annet Katusiime Mugisha, said motorists were incurring high vehicle repair costs due to the poor state of the road.

“If this road is not rehabilitated, I am telling you we are going to lose a lot of money and time. It is the road you used when coming and you will again use it going back, and it is in bad condition,” Ms Mugisha said.

She added: “The other day, there was a problem in Kashaari, where the people of Kashari and Buhweju were unable to cross the road. The MP called Unra and the following day, Unra was there and I kept wondering. Why is it that for us who have been complaining, you are not responding?” she asked.

The Bushenyi District chairperson, Mr Jafari Basajabalaba, said they had received a letter from Unra requesting them to provide machines to work on Katarimwa spot.

“I understand Unra Mbarara wrote to us requesting for equipment like the grader and the vibratory roller and we agreed that we shall give it to you. So, we are just waiting for you and we do the needful and you rectify the Katarimwa issue and you had promised that this will not exceed the first week of December,” he said.

The Unra Mbarara station manager, Mr Julius Ahurra, said they would work on Katarimwa section as they wait for government to finalise the process of rehabilitating the Mbarara-Ishaka road.

“There are some activities which are done off the road but the local person or the road user in the community wants to see machines on the road but I want to assure you that a technical investigation was done around May last financial year. Sooner than later, you will also see equipment on the road,” he said.

Ms Racheal Ngonzibwa, the Unra southwestern Uganda regional manager, also said the process to rehabilitate the road was already in motion.

“A lot has been said about this road and I cannot repeat what the ministers and President have said. The designs are ongoing like they have already told you and we shall see the light at the end of the tunnel. All things are being handled,” she said.

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