Daily school fees payment system is a good move

Daily school fees payment system is a good move
Daily school fees payment system is a good move

Africa-Press – Uganda. Mid this week, news trickled through of how some school proprietors from Luweero and Kampala districts were accepting fees payment on daily basis, which can be as low as Shs1,000.

The decision to introduce the flexible school fees payment schedule is in order to cater for parents who are financially stressed due to the hit they suffered due to Covid-19 pandemic.

This kind of fees payment system is very much welcome as it will go a long way to benefit the many learners, whose parents would have not managed to foot their school fees in one go.

Social media has been awash with lamentations of parents regarding hiked school fees by schools.

Various school management reasoned that the “top up” money was aimed at mitigating the money that they claim to have incurred on fixed costs like maintenance, security, electricity bills, loan repayment and the current increased fuel prices that have led to high cost of living.

So in this country where the quality of education is given basing on one’s financial power and not a standard quality education for all regardless of whether one is poor or not, such initiatives should be welcomed.

Perhaps other schools can pick a leaf from Everest Primary School and Everest College of in Luweero and come up with a flexible fees payment schedule that will suit every parent if all learners are to get a chance to acquire formal education.

The ministry of education is so far okay with the new form of school fees payment innovation since they have not yet found anything fishy about it.

Subsequently, we encourage the education ministry to give a formal green light regarding the application of the new flexible school fees payment policy as long as it does not offend the existing fees payment guidelines.

This will go a long way to give opportunity to every learner to study in an education system where it’s only the rich that can access quality education because they can foot millions to take their children to the best schools while those with needy backgrounds, are taken to ordinary schools or not all.

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