Faces show Covid effect in Ugandan mask exhibition

Faces show Covid effect in Ugandan mask exhibition
Faces show Covid effect in Ugandan mask exhibition

Africa-Press – Uganda. “Bakawonawo and Remnannt is a story of we who survived the pandemic and the tales we have to share,” Xenson says. “The exhibition brings the audience to reflect about Covid-19 and its impact, and expresses the tough times the opposition, especially the youth, faced during the 2020/2021 elections.”.

The lyrics of Xenson’s new song Bugulumu are also on display. The inspirational song seeks to provide comfort and hope in traumatic and depressing times.

The song blends African folk music and the African griot tradition laced with a distinct akogo (thumb piano) and a mellow orchestral bridge. It has rich ancient Luganda proverbs (engero) as well as poetry.

The exhibition opened on November 6, 2021 and will run until January 14.

Xenson is a multi-media artist who interrogates contemporary issues through installations, videos, performance, poetry, fashion and paintings.

He is the founder of Xenson Art Space, a multidisciplinary curated art space aimed at nurturing the new creative generation; providing a space for the artists to exhibit and showcase their work.

Xenson, who holds a degree in Painting and Graphic Design from Makerere University has taken part in exhibitions and residencies worldwide.

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