Health workers call for more capacity building

Health workers call for more capacity building
Health workers call for more capacity building

Africa-PressUganda. The overwhelming negative impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic on humanity has exposed loopholes in global systems highlighting the need for expertise in various sectors.

Similarly, Covid-19 has forced a change in trends in healthcare, including the HIV Care which presents a unique opportunity for health workers in the HIV Care space to adjust.

As the fight against HIV/AIDS, and the journey ahead to EndAIDS2030Ug continues amid the pandemic, some health practitioners ‘‘believe that it is through capacity building that better health care services will be offered.’’

Mr James Wanyama of Infectious Disease Institute (IDI) said that education on HIV service delivery is aimed at increasing the capacity of health workers which can now be done online.

“Training helps health workers identify health system challenges, gaps, analyse root causes of the problems and how to overcome them,” Mr Wanyama explained.

He noted that since capacity building is not taught in Universities or health schools, it is through trainings such as Education for Inter-professional HIV service delivery in Uganda (EIPHIV-U) program organized by Makerere University Joint AIDS Program (MJAP) that health workers’ skills are improved.

Statistics from the Uganda Aids Commission (UAC) indicate that in 2020 alone, 5,300 babies were born with HIV/Aids, while the new infection rates are four times higher among female adolescents than in their male counterparts.

The commission is aiming to avert 43,000 new infections among adolescent girls and young women.

The MJAP Executive Director, Dr Fred Semitala noted that E-learning gives EIPHIV Uganda a unique placement of providing relevant training that will ensure better health care practice routines and appreciate collaboration with the different coordinators involved in the HIV patient care process.

Mr Andrew Ogwal, clinical officer, Apac General Hospital says that there are some skills that might not be well captured or be taught while in school but can be acquired through training.

“I used to doubt myself but due to the health training, I have been able to acquire basic skills in health care and viral load suppression that will help me build my career,” Mr Ogwal said.

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