How govt plans to spend Shs44.8 trillion

How govt plans to spend Shs44.8 trillion
How govt plans to spend Shs44.8 trillion

Africa-PressUganda. The Education and Health sector under the Human Capital Development ( HCD)programmetook the lion’s share of Amos Lugoloobi’s Shs44.8 trillion budget.

Mr Lugoloobi yesterday read the 2021/2022 Financial Year budget on behalf of President Museveni.HCD was allocated Shs7.5 trillion (17 per cent) followed by governance and security with Shs6.9 trillion (15.6 per cent) and

Integrated Transport infrastructure and services in the third position with Shs5 trillion (11.2 per cent).


Of the total national budget envelope, Shs28.8 trillion is to be shared by 20 government programmes while Shs15.9 trillion will cater for debt refinancing and interest payment.

Mr Lugoloobi explained that more money was allocated to HCD because government plans to recruit 5,695 primary and secondary teachers and undisclosed number of school inspectors across the country.

The move is intended to improve service delivery in the education sector.

Mr Lugoloobi, who is expected to take up the planning docket, said in the Financial Year 2021/2022, government will rehabilitate 74 primary and 13 traditional secondary schools and construct 36 partially completed schools and 7 skills development institutions, among others.

Government has also earmarked Shs560b for procurement of Covid-19 vaccines.

“A healthy population and skilled workforce is a fundamental requirement for socio-economic transformation. Key interventions in education, health, water, and sanitation are necessary to ensure effective human capital development,” Mr Lugoloobi said.

“The immediate health need we are faced with is ensuring containment of the Covid-19 pandemic. Widespread vaccination and the enforcement of Standard Operating Procedures are the only preventative measures that guarantee protection against Covid-19,” he added.

Under Governance and Security docket, Mr Lugoloobi announced that the government will construct 30,000 housing units for the military, acquire, refurbish and maintain military equipment and complete the construction of the Military Referral Hospital in Mbuya among others.

Programme and Budget allocation(Shs)

Human Capital Development 7.7trillion Governance and Security 6.9trillion Intergrated Transport Infrastructure and Service 5.1 trillionAgro-Industrialisation 1.6trillion Regional Development 1.2trillion Development Plan Implementation 1.1trillion Sustainable Energy Development 1.1trillion Legislature 831billion Climate Change, Natural Resource, Environment and Water 668billion Private Sector Development 587billionJudiciary 376billionInnovation, Technology Development and Transfer 358billionPublic Sector Transformation 325.8billionSustainable Urbanisation and Housing 312billionTourism Development 178billionDigital Transformation 134billionSustainable Development of Petroleum Resources 106billionCommunity Mobilisation and Mindset Change 56billionManufacturing 54billionMineral Development 49 billionNon-discretionary allocations Domestic Refinancing 8.547 TrillionInterest and Amoritization 5.031trillionExternal Debt Repayment 1,786trillionDomestic Arrears 400billionLocal Revenue for local government 212billion Total 44.778 Trillion


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