Kasingye went too far but our game has sunk

Kasingye went too far but our game has sunk
Kasingye went too far but our game has sunk

Africa-PressUganda. Gaming giant Betway have been heavily involved in the Uganda Premier League in the last five seasons, first with Onduparaka and now Express. But they have no place for UPL games in their sportsbook.

Word is that Betway threw out UPL after one too many match fixing incidents. And throwing out of UPL games were the case last week when several betting firms pulled down books after apparent match fixing.

Yet Betway and others include other regional leagues in their sportsbook. Does this mean UPL is the dirtiest in the region?Police chairman Asan Kasingye would believe so. Renowned for being calm, Kasingye last week ran amok as Police keeper Derrick Ochan was controversially sent off before they lost 3-2 to Vipers at Kitende.

This week, Fufa are going to fine and ban Kasingye. Last week, Fufa fined Express coach Wasswa Bbosa Shs2m over remarks about the performance of referees.

The same week, two referees were pulled out of officiating UPL games at the last minute for attempts to fix matches. Last season, Onduparaka cried foul and asked Fufa to step in.

Three seasons ago, Fufa set up a probe into match fixing in the UPL. The result of that probe report is gathering dust in Mengo.

UPL is being fixed by match officials right under Fufa’s nose. UPL is being fixed by unscrupulous individuals in full glare of Fufa. One just dangles few millions at officials and ask them to lose in certain manner, then bet on the particular match and earn their loot at a huge profit.

Where are we headed with such perfidy? Not long from now, even green flies with insatiable appetite for rot will feel nauseated with UPL and not follow the stench emanating from our games.

The spate of match fixing is rising not because there are more dirty people in the game but because Fufa, the UPL board and other concerned parties have allowed the rot to continue.

Yes, Kasingye went too far with the wild accusations that continued on social media. But if Fufa continue to collude, by commission or omission, Kasingye’s “enough is enough” will soon be the tail that fans away the green flies in UPL league. Is this what Fufa want?


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