Museveni: It is lazy and cowardly act to kill, torture and intimidate people with divergent views


Africa-Press-Uganda Reported by

Faridah N Kulumba

The newly elected President of Uganda Yoweri Kaguta Museveni Tibuhaburwa says that political leaders who kill, torture and intimidate people with the divergent views from theirs are weak, lazy and cowards.

He made the remark while speaking as the Chief guest at the commemoration of archbishop Janani Luwumu memorial day at state house Entebbe who was murdered in 1977.

Who was Museveni referring to?

Museveni was citing example of former president of Uganda Idd Amin who killed Janani Luwumu and many more, saying that he had no reason of killing him for criticising his government.

Uganda has commemorated 44 years since the murder of the third archbishop of the church of Uganda in February 1977.

Referring to the murder and the killings during Amini’s regime, president Museveni described it as lazy and cowardly of political leaders who kill and intimidate those who oppose them.

“Why do you fear, why do you kill any body, why? That means the killer doesn’t have enough confidence that he will win the argument, so therefore the short cut is to silence this person, don’t speak again. So if you are confident about your position there is no reason why you should kill people in order to silence them.” Said Museveni.

Is it the right time for such remarks?

Museveni’s remarks came at a time when his government is under scrutiny for alleged kidnaps, torture and murder of mainly youth said to be opposed to the regime.

The Human Rights abuse have also been reported over one month since the 14th January 2021.

Concern is rising in Uganda over the alleged forced disappearing of dissents across the country in the lead-up to and following last month’s general election.

Members of the opposition National Unity Platform party say they have been targeted being abducted by the plain-clothed members of defence forces using van cars alias drones.

National Unity Platform party estimates that over 243 of Bobi Wine supporters have been taken by the authority. But the Uganda authorities say that they arrested only 31 members who were suspected of planning a rebellion after the election.

Recently president Museveni while addressing the nation, he assured Ugandans that there is some investigations done over the abduction issue and also assured that Ugandans are safe.

Also the Deputy Inspector General of police Major General Paul Lokech issued 48 hours ultimatum to police on abducted suspects.


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