Police probe MP Betty Nambooze’s house raid

Police probe MP Betty Nambooze’s house raid
Police probe MP Betty Nambooze’s house raid

Africa-PressUganda. Police said Tuesday that they were investigating a case in which an unidentified man broke into Mukono Municipality MP, Betty Nambooze’s house early morning.

The assailant, who police described as tall, dark-skinned and putting on a suit jacket, is said to have gained access to MP’s home at Nakabago cell, Ntawo ward, Central Division, Mukono Municipality at around 6am and went straight to her bedroom.

“The bedroom was open at the time because she was planning to go for a meeting at Parliament. It is alleged that the Honourable Member of Parliament made an alarm and her husband Bakireke came to her rescue by grabbing the man pushing him outside. The suspect later escaped and jumped onto a motorcycle waiting for him outside as witnessed by some neighbours,” said ASP Luke Owoyesigyire, the deputy Kampala Metropolitan police spokesperson.

He said the territorial police in Mukono had recovered two brand new machetes in a sack at a small garden of tomatoes in the MP’s premises.

“Other items of material evidence have also been recovered. We recorded statements from relevant witnesses. The police has also embarked on viewing CCTV footages with an aim of identifying the rider,” ASP Owoyesigyire added in a statement.

Police recovered two brand new machetes in a sack at a small garden of tomatoes in the MP’s premises

Nambooze’s narration

Ms Nambooze told journalists that the assailant entered her bedroom “holding an object and threatening to kill me.”

“The man told me to face the wall and say my last prayers because he was to kill me,” she said.

She said she made an alarm that attracted her husband, Henry Bakireke who was in the sitting room praying.

“My husband rushed and rescued me by grabbing the man and pushing him outside. Unfortunately, he escaped,” Ms Nambooze said.

Mr Bakireke said he had already left the bedroom and was praying in the living room when he heard his wife make an alarm.

“I was also preparing to leave with the MP when I heard her scream for help,” Ms Nambooze’s personal assistant, Mr Robert Namugera said.

Mukono police led by Homicide OC Christopher Oneno visited the MP’s home and recorded her statement.


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