Suspected leader of cattle rustlers arrested in Napak

Suspected leader of cattle rustlers arrested in Napak
Suspected leader of cattle rustlers arrested in Napak

Africa-PressUganda. The Uganda Peoples Defense Forces (UPDF) have arrested the suspected ringleader of a group of about 70 cattle rustlers in Napak District, Karamoja sub region.

Maj Peter Mugisa the UPDF 3rd division spokesperson told Daily Monitor that the suspected ringleader was arrested on Tuesday during a crossfire exchange with the soldiers at the border of Nabilatuk and Napak districts.

Maj Mugisa says the suspect together with his group of nine warriors had raided animals in Nabilatuk District but fell into a UPDF ambush. They had in possession a gun with 31 rounds of ammunition.

“He went with his team of warriors and raided animals in Nabilatuk, so the UPDF learnt about their move and staged an ambush,” he said.

According to UPDF, the suspect has been has been on their wanted list for some time. He has reportedly been leading massive raids in Sebei, Teso and Bugisu regions.

Maj Mugisa said the suspected commander together with his colleagues will be charged with possession of firearms in the army court.

Sarah Angolere a resident of Kautakou village in Ngoleriet Sub County

said the arrest of Aguma and 9 others would bring sanity to Napak District.

“How I wish UPDF could get all the remaining rustlers so that they are all charged and sent to jail, we are tired of retiring into our houses as early as 6pm,” she said.


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