Three arrested for cleaning Bobi Wine posters

Three arrested for cleaning Bobi Wine posters
Three arrested for cleaning Bobi Wine posters

Africa-PressUganda. Uganda Peoples Defence Forces (UPDF) officers currently working under Jjagala Police Post in Gombe Division, Nansana Municipality in Waksio District have arrested three supporters of presidential candidate Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu for playing his songs and cleaning his posters.

The officers who were patrolling the village found a group of youths cleaning Kyagulanyi’s posters in Jjagala trading center and fired bullets to disperse them. They arrested three and detained them at Jjagala police post.

Ms Catherine Nakyeyune, a resident of Jjagala village said she heard bullets and later saw the soldiers taking the speakers that were placed near the big poster of Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine.

“When the soldiers arrived, they fired about 10 bullets and later arrested three of the youths who were playing Bobi Wine’s songs and also cleaning his posters. They were taken with the speakers,” she said.

Mr John Ssegirinya, another resident, said the boys were dancing and cleaning the poster of their candidate when security forces started firing bullets to disperse people and forced them to close their businesses.

Ms Loy Nalweyiso said security officers should leave people to show support to the person they want in any way possible to them, because they are not committing any crime.

“They should leave these boys alone and nothing will happen. They do not disturb us at all, they are just there playing their music and dancing. Firing bullets and arresting them was uncalled for,” she said.

Most of Bobi Wine’s recent songs carry political/revolutionary messages, and this has caused the government to stop most of them from being played on radios and TVs.

The Kampala Metropolitan Deputy Police Spokesperson, Mr Luke Oweyesigyire, said they are yet to receive any report about the arrest of these people.


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