Top govt officials join trekking pilgrims to Namugongo

Top govt officials join trekking pilgrims to Namugongo
Top govt officials join trekking pilgrims to Namugongo

Africa-Press – Uganda. With less than a week until June 3rd, top government officials, including Prime Minister Robinah Nabbanja, have joined various trekking pilgrims to Namugongo, Wakiso District.

Yesterday, a jolly Nabbanja joined the Christians of Hoima Diocese on Mubende-Mityana Road as they trekked to Namugongo.

Likewise, the newly appointed State Minister for Energy, Ms Phiona Nyamutoro, joined the Nebbi pilgrims, the hosting diocese, at the Catholic Shrine at Namaliga Parish in Bombo.

In the Eastern part of the country, Tororo Municipality MP, Mr Yeri Apollo Ofwono, also joined the pilgrims from Sacred Hearts Catholic Parish.

The government officials were seen singing Christian hymns, praise and worship songs, as they blended in with a seamlessly devoted crowd. The Prime Minister prayed with the pilgrims and wished them successful celebrations.

“I salute them for their resilience, commitment, and love for the faith and encourage them to emulate the good deeds of the martyrs,” she said.

She added: “Each year, Christians from various walks of life embark on a pilgrimage to Namugongo to honor the memory of 45 Christian converts (22 Catholics and 23 Anglicans) who were martyred between 1885 and 1886 under the command of Kabaka Mwanga II,” she said.

This year’s celebrations at the Catholic shrine are to be led by the Nebbi Catholic Diocese and will run under the theme “But as for me, and my household, we shall serve the Lord,” taken from the book of Joshua 24:15.

The Anglicans will be led by six dioceses in the Rwenzori cluster comprising Ruwenzori (Fort Portal), South Ruwenzori (Kasese), East Ruwenzori (Kamwenge), West Ruwenzori (Bundibugyo), Bunyoro Kitara, and Masindi Kitara dioceses.

In her remarks to the pilgrims, Ms Nyamutoro said she was granted special permission by the President to skip a crucial ministers’ meeting yesterday in Entebbe.

“This is a very fundamental message to all Christians, and being here with my people and sharing the journey is incredibly meaningful,” she said.

The next stopover of the Nebbi pilgrims was last night at St Francis Catholic Church in Matugga, from where they will trek to Naguru, where they will spend a night before they make a grand entry into Namugongo on Wednesday afternoon.

Ms Nyamutoro joined the gathering at Our Lady Queen of Martyrs in Bombo, where she took on the significant role of carrying the cross.

At least 724-foot pilgrims from Nebbi Catholic Diocese which were drawn from the 22 parishes of the diocese embarked on the about 450-kilometre journey on May 15.

Pakwach Catholic Parish has 184 foot pilgrims , followed by Nebbi Cathedral Parish with 110, Zumbo Catholic Parish with 87, and Orussi Catholic Parish with 77, according to information obtained from the organisers.

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