Tumukunde alleges vote rigging, says he won’t concede defeat


Africa-PressUganda. Independent presidential candidate, Mr Henry Tumukunde, who has cast his vote from Kisementi polling station in Kampala has questioned the credibility of the election.

Tumukunde alleges that the vote has already been rigged and manipulated. He further claims that the use of alcohol based sanitizers will give room for multiple voting since it washes away the mark to show one has voted.

“I have just voted but look, after using the sanitizer, there is no evidence I have voted anywhere, you can tell the difference,” he said.

“How do you buy ink pads bought from Nkrumah to defend elections, these are used for stamping documents when running a small company in Kikuubo,” Mr Tumukunde added.

He, however, said if Ugandans turn out in large numbers to vote, it will reduce on the possibility of rigging.

Asked about whether he will concede defeat with the issues raised, Mr Tumukunde said: “Concede about what if people are ticking on top of the table, what you are going to concede anyway but for me I had a clear mission, I was not recruited by anybody in politics, I came to vote and see for myself.”

By Steven Mbidde & Ritah Kemigisa


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