Why does my car emit white smoke?

Why does my car emit white smoke?
Why does my car emit white smoke?

Africa-PressUganda. Hello Paul, my Toyota Premio emits white smoke with oil in the exhaust pipe. What can I do? Arthur

Hello Arthur, the white smoke mixed with engine oil coming from your car’s exhaust pipe is most likely a result of a damaged engine cylinder head gasket. The cylinder head gasket is compressed between the engine block and the cylinder head.

This gasket seals in the internal combustion process and also prevents coolant and oil from mixing together as the two fluids flow from the engine block to the cylinder head.

When the cylinder head gasket is damaged (often due to engine overheating episodes) the damaged gasket will allow engine coolant fluid and oil to seep into the combustion chambers where it is burnt together with the fuel air mixture.

The result is the white smoke with drops of oil.Carry out a compression test and dismantle the engine for inspection to establish the extent of damage.

Particular emphasis should be put on the condition of the cylinder head, crankshaft and its bearings (main and piece), and piston rings. You will need to decide whether to overhaul this engine or buy a good used one.


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