59 Points From President HH’s Speech During The Opening Of Parliament Today

59 Points From President HH’s Speech During The Opening Of Parliament Today
59 Points From President HH’s Speech During The Opening Of Parliament Today


“There will be no sacred cows in the fight against curuption-in the past,present and the future”

1. Our people must start to enjoy the fruits of change of government.

2. Thanked President Edgar Lungu for facilitating a smooth transition.

3. Africa is holding Zambia in high esteem for a conduction a smooth election

4. Special appreciation to the youth for facilitating regime change.

5. Thanked ECZ for working effectively amid the pandemic.

6. It’s time to unite the country and focus on development.

7. Government has a huge task to build the economy.

8. Government will create an environment for citizens to benefit for economic activities.

9. Implement the fiscal deficit and restore confidence on the financial market.

10. Enhance social protection for poor Zambians

11. Restore economic growth and safeguarding livelihoods.

12. End the vicious vice of poverty.

13. Provide equal opportunities for citizens.

14. Creating a united and prosperous Zambia.

15. Agriculture sector to help create job opportunities.

16. Government to make agriculture a viable sector to help in accelerate development.

17. Government to ensure that farmers have cheap agriculture inputs.

18. Government to focus on aquaculture as critical sector.

19. Production of fingerings to facilitate for the growth of aquaculture.

20. Mining sector to continue playing a critical role in enhancing the economy.

21. Restore transparency and accountability in the mining sector.

22. Create jobs and opportunities in the mining sector.

23. Increase the production of copper,gold and cobalt.

24. Put in place a robust marketing strategy to boost of tourism.

25. Reduce the cost of doing business in the tourism sector.

26. Open the northern circuit by building roads and airstrips to make Zambia a peroper tourism destination.

27. End loadshedding.

28. Create excess capacity in the energy sector.

29. Progressively involve the private sector in the procurement and supply of petroleum.

30. Government will focus on SME as they are the main engine for economic growth.

31. Invest in road,railways and air transport and to achieve this,introduce public-private partnership.

32. UPND administration to improve the higher education board system so as to help the poor.

33. Government to bring older in the education system to ensure that only deserving students get government support.

34. Employ teachers equitably across the country.

35. University students to find solution in the health sector other than waiting for solution from abroad.

36. Provide health facilities with modern equipment.

37. Government will progressively increase budge allocation in the water development.

38. Champion environment sustainability through the Ministry responsible for the environment.

39. Zambia to be a champion of green economy.

40.Guarantee free press.

41. Restore the rule of law and protect human rights.

42. Have a zero tolerance to corruption.

43. There will be no sacred cows in the fight against curuption-past,present and the future

44. Goverment to increase the benefits of been honest as opposed to been dishonest.

45. Increase funding to oversight institutions.

46. Introduce personalized fast track stollen items recovery mechanism.

47. Decetralization and devolution of government to be supported by financially.

48. Create a predicatelable tax revenue system.

49. Resolve pensioners challenges.

50. Support self media regulation .

51. Access to information.

52. Enhance debt management.

53. Protect the public officers from political interference.

54. No cadre will collect revenue which the local authority needs to collect.

55. Ensure quick dispensation of justice.

56. Reform the Public Order Act to prevent the abuse.

57. Create professional foreign service.

58. Need to adhere to National values and principles.

59. Make a One Zambia,One Nation moto to be a reality


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