About Presidential Incompetence And Arrogance: A Case Of The Nyudoni- Sean Tembo

About Presidential Incompetence And Arrogance: A Case Of The Nyudoni- Sean Tembo
About Presidential Incompetence And Arrogance: A Case Of The Nyudoni- Sean Tembo

Africa-Press – Zambia. 1. A President is a very powerful person. He can do as he pleases at any given time. Wherever he looks, all he sees are his own appointees. His inferiors. His juniors. What can they possibly tell him? What do they know? If they had more wisdom than him, then they would have been the President and he would have been their appointee. But no, he is their President. Which means he is wiser than all of them. And talking about those in the opposition; what are they yapping about? What do they know? If they had any sound ideas of how to run the country, then the Zambian people would’ve given them some decent votes in the last election. But no. They were all blessed with zeros. It is the President who was blessed with 2.8 million votes. More than 1 million in excess of his closest rival. The President has an overwhelming mandate from the Zambian people. The people love him. He can do as he pleases, when he pleases.

2. The above is possibly the kind of reasoning that resides in the mind of President Hichilema and his clique of praise singers as they embark on one disastrous mission after another. As they increase the prices for key factors of production such as fuel and electricity with the consequent trickle down increase in the cost of living for the Zambian people. As the award themselves fertilizer contracts and then fail to deliver inputs to farmers on time. As they accuse the previous regime of teaching their ministers how to steal. As they spend millions of Kwacha in taxpayers money globe-trotting and living a merry life in the presidential jet, while judges, lawyers and the public at the Constitutional Court go without toilet paper because Musokotwane’s 2022 National Budget has not been funded and is still just on paper. As their national youth chairman threatens to beat up anyone that challenges their demi-god while the police cheer on. As they claim to have paid retirees and yet the paid retirees are still protesting at their offices on a daily basis. As they engage in a Spanish Inquisition against their predecessors instead of appreciating what was achieved by others and adding on their own achievements for the benefit of mother Zambia. Atakati.

3. Indeed, the nyudoni is full of malice, incompetence and arrogance. Of course there is nothing strange about such behavior for an African government. The PF regime behaved exactly the same, no so long ago. But what is strange however is the fact the nyudoni has embraced their malice, incompetence and arrogance a bit too early in office. If someone heard Garry Nkombo belittle and insult street vendors in Cairo road, they would think he is a minister of a Government that has been in office for at least 20 years and which has won several re-elections. One would not believe that he is a minister in the nyudoni administration which has been in office for less than 6 months. And this transcends to all nyudoni ministers and senior civil servants. Even when they are not saying anything, they have an air of deep rooted arrogance about them. They probably believe that they’re not even supposed to be walking around by themselves. That we should be carrying them around on our back. Kuti tikazibapapa pamsana pathu. Atakati.

4. And now they feel that they are very well entrenched in office that they can even begin to engage in extracurricular activities such as undermining our democracy by using state institutions such as the Office of the Registrar of Societies and the Electoral Commission of Zambia to prevent some political parties from participating in the Kabwata by-election. And when their amateurish small boys; Levy Ngoma and Josephs Akafumba are caught pants down raping our democracy, they then send their UPND militia in Zambia Police uniforms to intimidate media houses such as KBN television who reported the scandal. Atakati.

5. But the good news is that the Zambian people are watching quietly and are taking note. Outside observers might think Zambians are docile, but we are a patient people. We like to give our leaders the benefit of doubt. We like to make sure, beyond any reasonable shadows of doubt, that our leaders have failed before we remove them and usher in someone else. So far people’s discontent with the nyudoni is slowly manifesting itself. The recent citizens’ arrest of UPND cadres by bus drivers at Kulima Tower Bus Station for soliciting payments, is just a tip of the discontent that Zambians have regarding Bally’s lip service towards UPND cadres harassing citizens in markets and bus stations. When Bally speaks in public, he says he will not tolerate cadrerism, but on the ground, he nods his National Youth Chairman to deploy cadres to harass and collect money from innocent citizens. And when these UPND cadres are reported to the police, the police look the other way. Obviously by instruction from the chief UPND cadre who mascarades as Inspector General of Police, Lemmy Kajoba. And after a couple of months of harassment from UPND cadres with no action taken by the police when the people lodge complaints, the people have now taken matters in their own hands and have started effecting citizens arrests as evidenced by what happened at Kulima Tower Bus Station a few days ago. This should worry Bally and his clique of praise singers. It also serves as a timely warning that you cannot harass people who are trying to earn an honest living and they take it while lying down. If you push people hard enough, they will rise against you. They do not need to wait for 2026 general elections. They can remove you even before then. Atakati.

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