Accountants urged to fight corruption

Accountants urged to fight corruption
Accountants urged to fight corruption

Africa-PressZambia. Acting Kasempa District Commissioner, Nebooth Lubelenga said the fight against corruption should be taken serious by everyone if the country is to combat the vice.

And Mr Lubelenge has implored accountants in the district to act in public interest so that they can combat corruption. Speaking during the official opening of the corruption sensitization meeting, Mr Lubelenge said transparency and trust starts with accountants.

“Our offices especially accounts and procurement that is where we deal with a lot of money, this might lead some people to act in personal interest,” Mr Lubelenga said.

Mr Lubelenga reminded the accountants of the fight against corruption that President Hakainde Hichilema has embarked on. “The President is emphasizing on this, he does not want corruption of any form in the new dawn government,” he said.

And Anti-corruption Commission (ACC) Community Education Officer, Jackson Mweemba called for a multi-sectorial approach in fighting corruption. “We should be colleagues and we should help each other in the fight against corruption,” Mr Mweemba said.

Mr Mweemba further assured the whistle blowers that they are protected by the constitution hence they should not be scared of reporting corruption cases.


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