Bowman Lusambo and Joseph Malanji’s Elections as MPs Nullified by Lusaka High Court, Miles Sampa Survives

Bowman Lusambo and Joseph Malanji’s Elections as MPs Nullified by Lusaka High Court, Miles Sampa Survives
Bowman Lusambo and Joseph Malanji’s Elections as MPs Nullified by Lusaka High Court, Miles Sampa Survives

Africa-Press – Zambia. THE Ndola High Court has nullified the election of Kabushi Member of Parliament, Bowman Lusambo on grounds of electoral malpractices. In this matter, United Party for National Development (UPND) losing candidate Bernard Kanengo petitioned Mr Lusambo of the Patriotic Front (PF) citing malpractice before and during the August 12 General elections.

Lusaka High Court Judge Edward Musona sitting in Ndola nullified the seat stating wide spread violence noting that Mr Lusambo did not disassociate himself from his militia group known ‘the Nato Forces’, which was attacking the electorates.

“I am satisfied that the respondent had knowledge of the violence and his alibi regarding the violence episodes which were successfully challenged by the petitioner,” judge Musona said.

During hearing of the petition, Mr Kanengo narrated to the court how he went to hide at a mosque after the respondent’s supporters known as the Nato Forces searched and chased after him as he ran for his dear life with Mr Lusambo and his Nato Forces in hot pursuit.

The Petitioner said he was dissatisfied with the Electoral Commission of Zambia’s declaration of Mr Lusambo as the winner of the August 12 parliamentary seat for Kabushi Constituency because he breached the electoral code of conduct.

The UPND candidate also told court that the Nato Forces poured hot porridge on his supporters in Masala. “On July 17, I was informed by Robson Kapambwe and Andrew Mulenga on how they were attacked by the Nato Forces. The people were assaulted after the attackers saw them putting on UPND regalia,” he said.

But Mr Lusambo who is popularly known as the ‘bulldozer’ dismissed thhe allegations that he bribed choir groups stating that he has between 2015 and 2021 attended over 40 churches in his constituency in his capacity as area lawmaker.

“As an Mp, my job is to interact with the people and being a Christian my Lord, from 2015 to date, I have visited more than 40 churches and I have interacted with congregants including choir members, ” he said.

Mr Lusambo further dismissed allegations that his agent, a Mrs Nyirenda rounded up UPND members and treated them to a banquet of food. He described the allegations that he gave a group of young men K4000 and also promised them slug dumps once they voted for him as total imagination and fabrication.

“On the material day, I was in Lusaka preparing campaign materials for our party on the province,” he said.

And The Lusaka High Court has also nullified the Kwacha parliamentary seat held by former foreign affairs minister Joseph Malanji. PF Matero Member of Parliament Miles Sampa Meanwhile, the Lusaka High Court has dismissed the election petition by losing UPND Matero constituency parliamentary candidate Tom Michelo.

Mr. Michelo had petitioned the election of PF Matero Member of Parliament Miles Sampa alleging that he had engaged in electoral malpractices thereby rendering the election not free and fair.

Rendering judgment in the matter, High Court Judge Derrick Mulenga dismissed the petition on the basis that the petitioner failed to prove the allegations leveled against the respondent. Judge Mulenga says the petitioner failed to meet the threshold required for an election to be nullified.

And speaking to journalists shortly after the judgment was delivered, Mr. Sampa described the whole process as emotional especially because he was accused of beating up voters when he was the victim.

Meanwhile visibly annoyed UPND members accused the opposition PF of having placed cadres in most government offices, hence the unfair outcome of the petition.

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