Copperbelt Province Covid-19 mass sensitization to commence

Copperbelt Province Covid-19 mass sensitization to commence
Copperbelt Province Covid-19 mass sensitization to commence

Africa-PressZambia. The Copperbelt Province Health Team will this week start meeting various community groupings such as churches, traders and commuters to educate them on the new strain of Covid-19.

Provincial Health Director Robert Zulu said in an interview with ZANIS that there is a second wave of coronavirus which is more aggressive than the first one hence the need to meet various groupings to educate them on the need to take precautions seriously.

Dr. Zulu said the first group to meet will be the clergy who have a large following and then shopping mall owners.

He said the Ministry of Health wants to work with various stakeholders in educating and enforcing the Covid-19 measures adding that local authorities will also be engaged.

“We want to engage the local authorities to make sure that commuters on all buses adhere to the guidelines,” Dr. Zulu said.

He added that the Ministry of Health in the province does not want to create a conflict with the general public but rather wants to educate people and allow them to make positive decisions based on the information they will be given.

Dr. Zulu further said the ministry’s approach in fighting the virus is sensitisation.

“We are on the ground wanting to reach to as many people as possible in the shortest period of time through the media and other platforms,” he explained.

He has further urged members of the public to stay home and only to move when it is necessary with total adherence to Covid-19 preventive rules.

According to the latest Covid-19 update, the cumulative number of cases in Zambia stands at 23,495 with 3,406 active cases, and 417 deaths countrywide.


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