Don’t allow political prostitutes space to maneuver

Don’t allow political prostitutes space to maneuver
Don’t allow political prostitutes space to maneuver

Africa-Press – Zambia. Chiengi Member of Parliament Hon. Given Katuta has deposited something interesting on her Facebook page regarding the question of political prostitution. She observes that in the interest of our feeble and nursling democracy; politicians should stop frolicking around political parties like excitable little monkeys hopping from one tree to another after losing elections, but must rather be encouraged to stick to their political parties if our democracy is to flourish.

“Let’s learn from USA, UK, India, RSA and lastly UPND which spent 23 years in opposition and still remained steadfast until winning in 2021,” she writes. What do we make of this?

No matter how tough the situation may be, we must be seen to maintain a modicum of decency in our politics……this is what differentiates us from the rest of animals! We can’t have a situation whereby we simply have no qualms evolving from MMD to PF, and PF to UPND overnight! Isn’t it possible to uphold a political ideology of some kind? Or are we simply all students of Daniel Munkombwe’s school of politics par excellence?

This country seems to have ‘kissed goodbye’ to political ideology once UNIP got ejected from power early 1990s. Immediately the flame was extinguished to be replaced by the clock, we woke up to smartly dressed individuals in business suits, their chests adorned with an array of degrees, who wasted no time pontificating about the manner liberal economic policies would extricate us from the quagmire in their impressive fake American accents! Did they even believe in their own mantra in the first place?

Anyway……before long, the clumsy boat would come cruising along and drown the watch as the hour progressed! Facing the imminent threat of being deprived of bread and butter, some of these crafty MMD leaders would swiftly metamorphosize into the green colour. In no time, you would see them storming the villages and shanty compounds kneeling down before humble country folk to portray a humble façade as they espoused so-called pro-poor policies of PF.

And finally when the hand flexed its muscles and capsized the boat, we would see a number of individuals that were pretending to be firm believers of PF policies until now, begin ‘ranting’ they’re eager to assist one Bally unite, and economically liberate our country. Of course, they can only afford to make such declarations by sneaking into the villages to hide from the scrutiny of the well-informed citizenry who can easily call out their insincerity.

Enough is enough! We must start addressing such individuals by their correct titles – unpatriotic and selfish citizens hell-bent on plundering our resources. These are lazy chaps who can’t survive outside the framework of politics. They are used to being associated with a party in power so they can continue enjoying the spoils through government jobs or contracts.

It’s encouraging the UPND leadership seemed to have read through their evil schemes, somehow. Speaking in an interview with Diggers, UPND national chairman Steven Katuka cautioned those joining the ruling party against doing so with a view of getting government jobs or party positions.

You don’t have to necessarily belong to a ruling political party to serve this nation better! Stop fooling us! You are doing so, for selfish reasons…..shameless harlots! Who isn’t aware you are in a hurry to join the ruling party so you may be forgiven of your past crimes or simply because you are looking for survival since you are lazy suckers who can’t survive on your own unless through government resources. Abash political prostitutes!

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