Don’t expect Lungu to be in good book with HH when his family is being harassed – Mwila

Don’t expect Lungu to be in good book with HH when his family is being harassed – Mwila
Don’t expect Lungu to be in good book with HH when his family is being harassed – Mwila

Africa-Press – Zambia. FORMER PF secretary general Davies Mwila says the recent interaction between President Hakainde Hichilema and Edgar Lungu during Sikota Wina’s funeral service does not mean the two are in good books, describing the chit-chat as “public relations”. In an interview, Mwila said people should not expect Lungu to be in good books with President Hichilema when his family was being harassed.

“If you look at the whole circus for all the investigations, they are not trying to harass the children, they are harassing former president Edgar Lungu. It is more painful to harass your children than the parent. So my own conclusion is that all those harassment, interrogations and investigations they are doing on the former president’s children, it’s the parent they are targeting. My conclusion is that we’re human beings.

Do not expect Edgar Lungu to be in good books with Hakainde Hichilema. That is a blue lie. Let us face the fact and tell the truth. I can tell you that if I was in Edgar Lungu’s shoes, I cannot attend all those state functions that he is being invited to because he is being harassed,” he said.

“It is better you go directly to him than going to the children. I agree with him when he said ‘you cannot be going to my people who are close to me. If you want me, just come straight to me’. Why is it that the UPND government is going round in circles? Harassing children is more painful than harassing himself, the former president. All these investigations and harassment are all political. People must be open and say what they want to do rather than going round in circles. Those investigations they are doing are harassing the former president because blood is thicker than water. I can tell you, that is the position.”

Mwila said as long as President Hichilema continued to harass Lungu’s family, “there will never be peace”. He added that the recent interaction between the two was just public relations.

“A normal parent has to get concerned. If it was me, I can be more hurt if you harass my children because it is more painful than hurting me. If you go to my children, they have nothing to do with politics, it is me who is a politician. So if you go to the children, what does it mean? You take the former first lady, you harass her, you harass the bodyguard, you harass all the children and harass all those close to the former president. What does it mean? In short, you are harassing the former president. It is better you harass him than harassing the family. And you expect him to go and attend the official launch at Mulungushi International Conference Center? That is a joke,” said Mwila.

“At Sikota Wina’s funeral, were they interacting? Do we know what they were talking about? I can tell you that was a pretence. Do not pretend. Let’s face facts. HH is a bitter person. If surely they were interacting, what were they talking about?

They restricted Tasila’s property by DEC, what does that mean? Of course, when you meet at a funeral, you have to greet each other. That does not mean that you are in good books. Let’s not pretend that all is well. Edgar Lungu is not happy, even me I cannot be happy. Of course, when they are at a funeral, you don’t expect them not to greet each other, they have to show public relations but in their hearts, HH knows what he is doing. Edgar Lungu knows his position. Let’s not trivialise and say they interacted and discussed. As long as Hakainde Hichilema continues harassing former president Lungu’s family, there will never be peace.”

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