Africa-Press – Zambia. Former State House press aid Amos Chanda says, the Patriotic Front (PF) Central Committee must be disband and allow the grassroots of the party to determine cause for the former ruling party. We agree.

The current composition of the Central Committee of the PF was singlehandedly appointed by Edgar Lungu at the last general conference. These are elements that presided over adoptions of party candidates at all levels and made decisions of the party. These are elements that are solemnly responsible for the downfall of PF in the previous election. If one examines the elements of PF Central Committee, it is hard to believe that there is any normal Zambian who will trust these characters, these culprits again, and vote for them.

Which Zambian can again trust in Stephen Kampyongo’s leadership? Which Zambian can again trust and believe in Ronald Chitotela, Chitalu Chilufya, Given Lubinda, Brian Mundubile and most of the elements in the PF Central Committee? Which Zambian will want to be led by Jean Kapata, Nkandu Luo and Sylvia Chalikosa? Which Zambian want Davis Mwila and Samuel Mukupa to continue leading them?

Of course – if there are any – there are very few Zambians who will trust these characters with the responsibility of running the affairs of this country.

We believe Edgar must find wisdom within himself to know better that Zambians detested his administration because of the conduct of his party and government senior members of which most of them are currently MCCs. We are saying this because it is not a difficult to tell that, Edgar has once again become victim of the defective counsel that a small clique of crooks are feeding him over the cause of the PF. Edgar is not a bad person. It is the very hyenas that he chooses to surround him with who have destroyed him and continue to do so. These are the bandits that engaged in the grandest corruption under the PF administration.

Why has Edgar chosen to entertain a small clique of crooks, jackals, those hyenas, political opportunists to manipulate him even after costing him an election?

The life span of the PF is highly dependent on immediate and urgent disbanding of the entire Central Committee so that new members occupy those positions and begin to drive the agenda of the party. All members of the Central Committee must be subjected to a vote by the delegates to the general assembly.

In the same spirit, there is urgent need for a leader in PF to offer guidance and direction of the party. At the moment, the general membership is in a state of confusion and we are seeing PF members hastily aligning themselves to Democratic Party and the Socialist Party because their party lacks a figure head. Before you know it, the only remaining thing in PF will be Members of Parliament – most of whom have already been compromised against their own party.

We know that it is not Edgar’s wish for the General Conference to be held next year in June but a feeling for a small clique of bandits who are misleading him. This small clique of bandits who are within the Central Committee are protecting their personal interest. They are not thinking and acting in the interest for the PF but in the interest of their personal needs. As they continue to act as captains of every other party member, they continue to access money from Edgar. They pay their rent from that money. They feed from that money and spend it on all sorts of prostitutes. Their goal is their personal comfort.

Why is Edgar allowing all this nonsense? Is Edgar short of friends and even relatives or children who can give him better counsel than what a few bandits are telling him? Where is Tasila Lungu in all this? Where is Mama Esther Lungu in all this? Where are those reliable relatives of Edgar, to help him realize that the elements that are busy visiting him at his house are only interest in his money?

An accurate and honest analysis of the situation on the ground is that, the majority supporters of the PF are not interested to be led by the current crop of leaders in the Central Committee. The majority people are not interested in the current elements that are leading and representing the party. The people want to see new members in the central committee. If you ask Zambians to choose between continuing to listen to Raphael Nakacinda and Stephen Kampyongo or to listen to Christopher Kang’ombe as well as Kelvin Kaunda and Tasila Lungu, they will choose the latter than the former. People can listen to Tasila than Kampyongo. People can listen to Kang’ombe than Nakacinda. This requires very little intelligence – if a little is all that one has – to figure out.

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