GBM To Sue Witness Implicating Him In A Rigging Scheme

GBM To Sue Witness Implicating Him In A Rigging Scheme
GBM To Sue Witness Implicating Him In A Rigging Scheme

Africa-PressZambia. GBM TO SUE WITNESS IMPLICATING HIM IN A RIGGING SCHEME I’m totally disgusted with the reporting from media houses without verification that, I GBM allegedly enticed a deputy presiding officer named Phineas Kazonga to sneak in pre marked ballot papers for Lusaka mayoral elections.

Let me state from the onset that for the last 20 years I have voted from Kasama and that on the material date I was in Kasama and being the presidential campaign manager for Northern Province spent weeks preceding the elections and after in that province. Further, there are no Deputy presiding officers at any polling station in our electoral system in Zambia.

It hence, make me wonder how I would be in 2 places 900 kilometres apart at the same time on the 12th August 2021. I would like to make it plainly clear to all and sundry that at no time was I in Lusaka or anywhere in its vicinity on the material day and the untruth being peddled aided by irresponsible and unprofessional media should be condemned with the utmost disgust it deserves.

Even in detective work the first thing is to establish an alibi and I believe a responsible media house would have established that based on the knowledge of where I was domiciled during the period in question.

Additionally my presence at any polling station outside my jurisdiction at that time would have attracted so much attention, particularly to the UPND members who had a physical presence at all polling stations, having been their Vice President prior.

It is in this regard that I’m officially demanding public apologies from all media that have carried this untruth as I will be proceeding with legal remedies to this.

Equally, I urge Phineas Kazonga to state the truth and note that I will institute a contempt case on him, as well as, sue him for slunder and malice. Basically I will take him to the cleaners. He is a false witness that has commited a grave mistake to bring me in an issue that’s non existent.


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