Government has neglected Dr Mumba-MMD

Government has neglected Dr Mumba-MMD
Government has neglected Dr Mumba-MMD

Africa-PressZambia. MMD Vice President Reuben Sambo has charged that the Zambian government has neglected the plight of Dr Nevers Mumba who has been arrested in the DRC.

Reverend Sambo revealed that Zambia through its Foreign Affairs Minister Joe Malanji who not even made any follows up to ascertain Dr Mumba’s health and safety.

He said Dr Mumba, being a former Republican Vice President should receive maximum level of attention from the government especially when he is held on foreign soil.

Reverend Sambo said it is disheartening that the party and the nation only got to find out about Dr Mumba’s situation in the newspapers.

“Does this now mean that all matters of government interest will be communicated through newspapers? We have to now get everything about government through the paper?”

Reverend Sambo said the MMD will today seek an official engagement with Mr Malanji to get official government position on the matter.

Asked what Dr Mumba was doing in Lubumbashi, Reverend said he had travelled there on private business and nothing to do with politics or the party.

“You know he is in the property business and he also preaches, so he was in there on private business. Let’s not confuse the problem politics going on in the Congo with Dr Mumba’s presence in that country.

Reverend Sambo said he has been in touch with Dr Mumba who has assured him that he is safe and in good spirits.

Dr Mumba has been holed up in a Lubumbashi hotel room from last week after Congolese authorities detained him as they investigated his presence in that country.


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