Government is disappointed with misconduct in mining value chain

Government is disappointed with misconduct in mining value chain
Government is disappointed with misconduct in mining value chain

Africa-PressZambia. Minister of Mines, Paul Kabuswe is disappointed with the alarming level of misconduct among stakeholders in the mining value chain. Mr. Kabuswe said there is a lack of integrity and honesty among those doing business with mining companies.

“The level of misbehavior in the mining value chain is alarming. We need a corrupt-free private sector”, Mr Kabuswe said.

He said this has contributed to mining companies closing up business opportunities for local companies. Mr Kabuswe was speaking in Solwezi today when he called on North-Western Province Minister, Robert Lihefu at his office. He said some suppliers are delivering low-quality services which is not value for money.

“Let’s remove greed amongst us who are dealing with the mines, some suppliers are delivering low-quality goods and services. We should not just cry when we are part of the problem, that is why mining companies are opting not to do business with us,” he said.

Mr Kabuswe said a holistic approach is needed in dealing with problems in the mining sector and mining value chain. He said the government will work towards striking a balance between Zambians and investors, adding that the focus of the UPND administration is to develop the country with a Zambian in mind.

And Mr. Lihefu appealed to the Ministry of Mines to correct the situation at Kasenseli Gold Mine in Mwinilunga district as foreigners have invaded the site.

“Minister, Northwestern Province is very rich in mineral resources yet one of the poorest provinces in the country. The province lags behind in terms of development,” Mr Lihefu said.

Mr Lihefu said if properly managed, the resource at Kasenseli has the potential to pay off the huge debt the country contracted and steer other developments in the country.


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