I am Still Special Assistant To President HH, Special Duties- Mubita Nawa

I am Still Special Assistant To President HH, Special Duties- Mubita Nawa
I am Still Special Assistant To President HH, Special Duties- Mubita Nawa

Africa-PressZambia. I AM STILL SPECIAL ASSISTANT TO PRESIDENT HAKAINDE HICHILEMA, SPECIAL DUTIES On December 14th 2020 President Hakainde Hichilema appointed me as Special Assistant Special Duties in the United Party for National Development (UPND).

I still occupy this seat and still serve under this seat from the political party point of view. The PF tried using Chishimba Kambwili and others to suggest that I was fired but I have never at one point been fired. As per my appointment letter, I report directly to the UPND President and to the Senior Advisor of the President.

I wish to assure Zambians that I am here to serve my party UPND and my nation Zambia and will continue to do so. I also wish to allay any rumours or innuendos regarding my appointment or pending appointment. Appointments are a prerogative of the President and must not have solicitations or manipulations.

I would like the president to continue to work to improving the lives of 18million Zambians first and not worry about appointments. Some of us can be last we are just fine.

We sacrificed not to get jobs but so that our children can live better lives. We all sacrificed so we must not fight for anything. Getting a job from the government has never and will never be a Motivational Factor for me.

I shall continue to serve and to use personal resources as I did during campaigns to mobilise our party and our communities. I shall distribute TShirts and Regalia on my “thank you your.” We must not put the president under pressure to remember us. We must only ask the president to remember Zambians so that every Zambian can benefit.

I wish to take this opportunity to announce my “Thank You Tour” around ZAMBIA to say thank you to the people who brought about change. We went to ask them for votes, we can also go back and say thank you. This is a self funded tour as I have done before with all my political activities with support from friends and family.

I shall commence with Western Province starting tomorrow Monday 13th September 2021. We all have jobs and work to do. Let us work. May God bless our President, the Vice President and the entire Cabinet. May God bless the Judiciary, the Legislature and the Executive arms of government. May God bless the citizens of our great republic. God bless us all. Mubita C. Nawa Special Assistant to President Hakainde HICHILEMA (UPND), Special Duties MCNLIVE


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