‘i Will Not Hesitate To Fire Failing Ministers’ President Hichilema Warns

‘i Will Not Hesitate To Fire Failing Ministers’ President Hichilema Warns
‘i Will Not Hesitate To Fire Failing Ministers’ President Hichilema Warns

Africa-PressZambia. PRESIDENT HICHILEMA WARNS THAT HE WILL NOT HESTITATE TO MAKE CHANGES TO HIS CABINET IN ORDER TO STAY ON THE PATH OF DELIVERING TO THE ZAMBIANS. PRESIDENT HAKAINDE Hichilema has warned that he will not hesitate to make necessary administrative changes if he notices any misconduct in the way of handling government businesses so that the government can remain on course in achieving its objectives.

Speaking when he officially opened the first ever Induction Ceremony of ministers and provincial ministers at Mulungushi International Conference Centre (MICC), President Hichilema said that ignorance of rules and regulations involved in running government business would not be an excuse.

“We will not be shy to do that, you are cabinet that reflects the face of Zambians but that does not mean you transgressing against the people will because you came from a region which is also supposed to also be on Cabinet. Yes, there are many people from your region that can also become a minister, “warned President Hichilema,” he said.

The essence of the induction is to orient ministers on practices, processes and procedures that must be undertaken by their offices in their day to day business.

President Hichilema reminded ministers that cabinet required ministers to be confidential. He said that cabinet also required ministers to declare interest when necessary. President Hichilema reiterated the need for ministers to endeavor to lower the cost of contracts.

“…so that the savings in there should go into economic growth and job creation. I am departing a little from the text so that I can say what my heart feels to help somebody here. You cannot sit in a ministry, you are a minister, yes you do not do procurement but you cannot sit there, when the procurement officer is procuring a pen, that costs k2 at k20, President Hichilema said.

“You cannot under the CDF fund or any public expenditure where as a simple farmer myself, I sink a 60 metre borehole at k20000 and you in your ministry…at a province ,you are allowing boreholes for our women, to walk to shorter distances at k60 per borehole. Are we in a different country? That’s what I was seeing in the last government.”

President Hichilema urged ministers to quickly start establishing what was going wrong in their offices. “I have been doing that from the day that we were declared winners. Long hours…am checking here, checking there ask the secretary to the Cabinet, we are talking,” he said.

“We are not only holiday, we are here to work. The new dawn administration must not just meet expectations but exceed expectations.” President Hichilema said the induction should enhance the effectiveness of discharging the UPND’s administration’s policy direction.

“It should strengthen collective responsibility and accountability in the management of public resources and affairs for improved delivery to the people,” President Hichilema said. He urged ministers not to turn the induction into sleeping sessions but be attentive.

And in his vote of thanks, Home affairs minister Jack Mwiimbu said that the ministers and provincial ministers can only have the strategic direction given during the opening of the parliament, if ministers work hard. Mwiimbu said that the ministers would adhere to the rules and regulation that bind them.


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