Is Vice President Nalumango Mr. Hichilema’s Lying Machine to Turn Zambia into a Bally Nation of Falsehoods?

Is Vice President Nalumango Mr. Hichilema’s Lying Machine to Turn Zambia into a Bally Nation of Falsehoods?
Is Vice President Nalumango Mr. Hichilema’s Lying Machine to Turn Zambia into a Bally Nation of Falsehoods?

Africa-Press – Zambia. Within months, Vice President Nalumango has sunk so low by demeaning herself to impress the King of Falsehoods each time she opens her mouth. To employ “honorable” before her name is to insult human decency. Is President HH using her as a lying machine because she is a woman? Of course, her ignorance on Constitutional matters and economic policies are unprecedented. But her lies make the daughter of Ithobaal, Lady Jezebel, a saint. With shameful pride, she lied that HH never promised free education–but quick to boast of the fecal claims of “free education” knowing that families have to struggle with boarding fees, and less than 2000 needy students will receive bursaries at UNZA. While 8,000+ are left out at UNZA, tens of thousands who attend other Universities are left to roam the streets. Is education not “the greatest equalizer” Mr.Hichilema?

As for the cost of fertilizer, mealie meal, fuel, electricity and high cost of living, she claims we misunderstood. HH never promised anything. Now she wants to insult us by claiming that the $1.3 billion IMF loan is a grant. Either she is mentally challenged or she and her King are deliberately remaking Zambia into a Bally nation–a country where lies are facts, and the corruption of the Presidency is a norm. Why shouldn’t they publish the conditions of the IMF loan for Zambians to read for themselves? The truth is in writing.

Amidst Nalumango’s lies, President Hichilema has abandoned democracy for machiavellian autocracy and even his worshipers are now in panic mode. Why? Mr. Hichilema was uncaged on inauguration day; he was left to roam without any accountability on the premise of “giving him time.” Today, we have BallyJudiciary, BallyPolice, BallyACC, BallyZRA–everything is corrupted by the deadly ballyvirus. All instruments of accountability are blind to right and wrong. In fact, they only see the previous wrongs committed during the Lungu Regime, for the New Dark Regime does no wrong! Who can blame them? Like Nalumango, they are under the spell of the ballyvirus, they’ve developed ballyamnesia. As for the new god, his eyes are fiercely fired up. Reminding him of his pledge for the independence of these branches from political influence attracts victimization — immediate prosecutions in BallyCourts and replacements in BallyCivil service with UPND cadres is the fate. Only that “the President won’t get involved.” Ballyjustice!

Behind the VP’s shameful behavior is a chain of academics and lawyers who waited for months as Baal became omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent–a god of the land to be worshiped whose decrees must stand unopposed. They forgot that when it comes to power, no human heart is immune from corruption, it is who we are as humans. Democracy does not grow on its own, but must be tended like a flower. The moment we turn our eyes from it, it dries so fast.

Academics, Civil Society leaders and lawyers watched democracy dry as VP Nalumango and his cronies lied on behalf of HH, but now that it is dead, they want to pour as much water as possible to revitalize it. You murdered it by your own silence, why dare start a fight with the devil you watched grow under your watch? This is the biggest weakness of African democracy–we only engage in governance when things go wrong. So do it now, but the damage is already done. Imagine the time, energy, and the lives you would have saved had you done it from day one!

We watched as the nation lingered under the spell of ballyism; we believed that HH was democracy and democracy was HH. We believed HH was anti-corruption and anti-corruption was HH. To this day, his businesses are as mysterious as the garden of Eden on Earth. To say HH is the most corrupt businessman on earth, for example, is justified; a majority of Zambians are in deep darkness when it comes to his businesses. HH is not going to ensure democratic governance and economic transparency unless we the people of Zambia demand it. If we remain spectators and believers of every claim from this lie addicted Head of State, we are remaking Zambia into a Bally nation where truth and facts don’t matter anymore. It is time to tell HH to stop lying–the IMF LOAN is a loan and not a grant! The IMF conditions are deadly on the poor, but beneficial to HH and his business partners. He will get a big share of this $1.3 billion in business deals!

As for scholars and columnists, until we show President Hichilema that lies are consequential to democracy, and the rule of law, we won’t be able to right the wrongs that have already surfaced in his baby Presidency. It is time to call a spade a spade. President Hichilema, Vice President Nalumango and the UPND won the elections using a fact based system–we count our votes. We shouldn’t allow them to govern by erasing the facts. Mother Zambia deserves better! A Dark Regime indeed!

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