It’s Settled, HH Will Be Republican President For 10 Years And Not 5 Years Only – Reveals Prophet Isaac Praise

It’s Settled, HH Will Be Republican President For 10 Years And Not 5 Years Only – Reveals Prophet Isaac Praise
It’s Settled, HH Will Be Republican President For 10 Years And Not 5 Years Only – Reveals Prophet Isaac Praise

Africa-Press – Zambia. “And in 2031,more than 80% of Zambians will still want him to continue ruling”

When the people of Israel were going to Canaan the Promised Land, they passed through hardships for 40 years but they later celebrated after entering Canaan and so it shall be with the Zambian People, Renowned Zambian Clergyman Prophet ISAAC Praise has said. Speaking in Monze this morning, Prophet Isaac explained that with Zambia, it won’t be 40 years or 40 months but 40 weeks of challenges. “40 is a Biblical Number of Completion or Success”. He said for the next 40 weeks, Zambians will be passing through hardships due to economic measures that President Hakainde Hichilema has taken to put Zambia back on track. The Man of God said after 40 weeks, Zambia will see light which will see them enjoy life for the better for as long as UPND will be in power. “Calculate the 40 weeks with me, 40 weeks of hardships for all Zambians start tomorrow Sunday 19th December 2021 and will permanently end on Saturday 24th September 2022 after which Zambians will see light and will cherish the fact that President Hakainde Hichilema was sent by God to set Zambia free from economic hardships”, said Prophet Isaac.

“I don’t agree with President HH’s way of doing politics especially where he chose to ignore the cries of 8,000 first year UNZA students and sidelining people that supported him in opposition, but this can’t make me doubt that he was sent by Heaven to liberate Zambia from economic hardships. Before the end of next year 2022, 95% of Zambians will be in full support of President HH as they will see the fruits of his labour and believe that he was really sent by God. I was one of the Zambians that doubted HH’s presidency especially when he decided to increase fuel against the advice from concerned citizens but the vision I had last night completely changed my spiritual way of looking at him. Please believe me you, President HH is a God sent and over 90% of Zambians will believe this in 2022”, said Prophet Isaac.

The Man of God said after 2022, opposition political parties will have no support as 90% of their supporters will agree with the economic policies of President Hakainde Hichilema.

“I was shocked to see President HH ruling this county up to 2031 without resistance because will be enjoying almost 95% support from Zambians in 2026”, said the Prophet.

“Personally I have been praying that President HH is replaced by anyone from the UPND or by PF in 2026 because of his inconsistency in fulfilling his campaign promises but I was embarrassed with the vision I saw yesterday as I slept. God made clear to me that President Hakainde Hichilema was sent by him and that it will be God who will be directing him to rule. I saw HH becoming the best president not only in Zambia, but in Africa. I saw HH’s rule and economic policies being appreciated by more than 100 countries across the world and being included in the syllabus of 40 African Countries. I saw primary, secondary, college and university students learning about President HH’s life when he was in opposition, his rule and how he changed the economy of Zambia from being the worst to being the best in Africa. Mark my vision, 40 African countries will learn how 90% of Zambians wanted to make HH a life president, and they will learn how he resisted their wishes to make him a life president in 2031 and how he stepped down despite heavy street protests and riots across the country against his unpopular decision of stepping down despite 95% of Zambians wanting him to be a life President”.

“But for the next 40 weeks, some people will be opposing and insulting him for increasing fuel prices but that will amount to nothing as September 2022 is coming when God Almighty is going to prove that he is the one who chose President HH to lead the people of Zambia to greater heights unseen since independence”, says Prophet ISAAC Praise.

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