Joblessness ticking time bomb in Zambia

Joblessness ticking time bomb in Zambia
Joblessness ticking time bomb in Zambia

Africa-Press – Zambia. The population of Zambia has been growing rapidly since 1964, from about 3.6 million people to approximately 18 million in 2020, Golden Party of Zambia president Silavwe Jackson says. He says it is sad that population growth has not matched jobs available on the ground.

“An estimated 5 million plus Zambians of working age are currently not employed. Those working are about 901,321 are in formal employment while 2,053,811 are in the informal sector,” he says. Jackson adds that:

“Whilst we commend the UPND government for the recent historical teacher and health personnel recruitments. It is extremely erroneous to think that Government can employ all the 5 million plus unemployed.

“At the most Zambia needs 500,000 new jobs every year to make a sensible dent on joblessness.

“Thus the best solution to handle the high levels of unemployment in our country is through the PRIVATE SECTOR, LOCAL PRIVATE BUSINESS SECTOR.

“The UPND Government must INITIATE LOCAL PRIVATE BUSINESS SECTOR REFORMS FOR MASS JOB CREATION never seen before since independence.” He believes that only a robust private sector has the capacity to absorb the majority of the unemployed people.

“Additionally, the Government must be deliberate in investing in Zambian citizens directly through HIGH QUALITY START UPS across all the sectors of the economy as stipulated in the Golden Party (GPZ) manifesto.

“Matching the level of natural resources our country is endowed with it is very possible to bring down our Country’s joblessness to less than 1 percent of the working population,” he says

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