Kambwili is a danger to this nation; the sooner he’s clipped the better!

Kambwili is a danger to this nation; the sooner he’s clipped the better!
Kambwili is a danger to this nation; the sooner he’s clipped the better!

Africa-PressZambia. When fifth Republican President Michael C. Sata passed on, a number of key players within PF would emerge to jostle for the vacant seat. One of those was none other than Kambwili, a senior cabinet minister at the time, whom Sata had once chided as being ultra-ambitious!

Anyway, the man who prides himself as Imbwili couldn’t choose a better place to launch his presidential bid as Kitwe on the Copperbelt – the political hotbed of our beloved country.

Out of curiosity, I found myself at the Show Grounds, the venue for the meeting to hear what the man fond of comparing himself to an animal had to offer.

In his usual style, the man was on fire! He went on to catalogue a litany of defects in a man who would go on to be President; as some in the audience, probably hired chaps, cheered on and ululated! Of course we can’t repeat any of it here as most of it borders on profanity!

When PF finally went for the convention and elected to anoint “ewo batushilile ba Sata;” being sly as he is, Imbwili saw a golden opportunity. He appointed himself chief campaign manager and immediately hit the ground running urging an otherwise ambivalent electorate to give Lungu a chance to complete Sata’s projects.

Once Edgar Lungu ascended to the throne as President, Kambwili would of course be rewarded with a lofty portfolio as Information Minister and chief government spokesman. By this time, everyone believed Kambwili had now matured and probably repented from his SINS.

But lo and behold……it would just be a matter of time before the man returned to his vomit! When the President finally gave him the boot after reading through his schemes, he wasted no time spewing vile at him…….referring to the President in some of the most derogatory terms leaving many citizens with jaws dropping. Some of this would land him in court of course!

With mounting litigations tolling over his head and a floundering business bearing pressure on him, Imbwili would be left with little option but to crawl back to the ruling party……egg on the face!

Of course he’s to find favour in the eyes of those he had ridiculed not so long ago. Being Imbwili ni Mbwili, he’s it at it again……taking pleasure in rubbishing a certain ethnic! And to think that he has a chartered chopper at his disposal flying around the country preaching hate speech especially during a time when we are mourning a man who taught us ‘One Zambia, One Nation’ makes you wonder whether indeed we are a Christian nation!

Now wait a minute…..isn’t this the same man as leader of NDC who drove many miles to go and apologize to chiefs in Southern province for his hate crusade against Tongas….claiming that he was just being used by powers that be? Anyway, Imbwili can never changes its spots no matter the charade. He can never learn! One would wonder what sort of things he still says about the President in private while he eulogizing him in public.

Kambwili is a danger to this nation…….He’s sowing seeds of acrimony and discord. Once this country is set on fire, he will simply jump on a plane to join his dear wife in the UK. The sooner the President discredits and withdraw him from his campaign team, the better!


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