Kaoma male teacher in court for alleged sodomy

Kaoma male teacher in court for alleged sodomy
Kaoma male teacher in court for alleged sodomy

Africa-Press – Zambia. A 31 year old male teacher of Kaoma district’s Kashokoto Primary who last week was apprehended for alleged sodomy today appeared in court for mention in the area. Mwiya Imebo appeared before Magistrate Brilliant Kalumba for mention in Kaoma Magistrate court.

Magistrate Kalumba explained to Imebo that he had been charged with an offence of having carnal knowledge against the order of nature contrary to section 155 subsection A of the Laws of Zambia.

She further explained that Imebo did have carnal knowledge of his male colleague Alvin Mwanza of Chawama compound in Lusaka between 11th and 12th June 2022. Imebo has, however, pleaded not guilty to the charge, and Magistrate Kalumba has since set July 20th as a day for commencement of trial.

According to the statement given to police, it is alleged that Mwiya offered Mwanza a cup of tea believed to have been intoxicated shortly before going to bed.

After a cup of tea, Mwanza and Mwiya went to sleep and shared a bed and it was at that moment when the alleged anal penetration took place. The victim only discovered that he had been raped after finding himself messed up in the morning when he woke up.

It was at this point that he decided to report the matter to police and subsequently rushed to the hospital for a medical report. According to the Zambian laws a person having canal knowledge against the order of nature could save a maximum jail sentence of 14 years if found guilty by the courts of law.

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