Kawana Applauds Diaspora Contribution To Zambia’s Development

Kawana Applauds Diaspora Contribution To Zambia’s Development
Kawana Applauds Diaspora Contribution To Zambia’s Development

Africa-PressZambia. UPND Alliance Media Director Mr Thabo Kawana has affirmed the New Dawn government’s commitment to cooperating with individuals and organisations in the diaspora engaged in activities that help to develop the country and to improve the lives of the people of Zambia.

Speaking in an interview with Tropicana Radio Show, a Zambia-themed programme aired on Lähiradio in Helsinki, Finland last Wednesday, Mr. Kawana explained mechanisms through which Zambians abroad could engage government to assist in these initiatives.

He advised Zambians abroad to work closely with foreign missions. Organisations like the Global Alliance of Zambian Health Practitioners (GAZHP) and the Organisation of Zambians Living In Australia (OZALIWA) are examples of diaspora initiatives currently active in securing medical equipment for use in Zambia.

“Such initiatives are welcome, and this responsible government which the people voted for will facilitate for such and make it easier for our people so that such equipment is brought into the country, it is transported, and the efforts are well well well appreciated,” he emphasized as he explained the situation with dialysis equipment in the country.

“There are many Zambians who require these services but the machines are not there. Therefore we need as many machines to be put in the centres. I can tell you that we have dialysis units in Lusaka, Chipata, Mansa, Ndola, Kitwe and so on, but completely nothing in Western Province, and the whole of Southern Province we only have in Livingstone,” he explained.


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