Kazungula farmers cry for empty grain bags from FRA

Kazungula farmers cry for empty grain bags from FRA
Kazungula farmers cry for empty grain bags from FRA

Africa-PressZambia. Some farmers in Ngwezi ward in Kazungula district, who took their maize to Ngwezi satellite depot, have asked government to provide them with empty grain bags as soon as possible.

The farmers complained that they have been sleeping at the depot for over three months now waiting for the Food and Reserve Agency (FRA) to purchase their produce.

A check by ZANIS at Ngwezi depot yesterday revealed that most of the grain bags are damaged and the maize might go to waste very soon. Sydney Siantwala, who spoke on behalf of other farmers, requested the new dawn government to quickly address their plight.

And Kazungula District Cooperation Union chairman Elias Muluwa said farmers in the area were suffering and needed urgent help from the government. “Farmers have brought their maize here for three to four months now. The rains are coming very soon. Look at the bags of maize which are tearing up resulting to maize pouring out. This situation is unacceptable to hard working farmers,” Mr. Muluwa lamented.

He said farmers were suffering hence government should assist them by providing them with empty grain bags. Meanwhile, Katombola Member of Parliament, Clement Andeleki assured the farmers of Ngwezi ward that government will purchase empty grain bags for their maize.

Dr. Andeleki, who addressed the people of Ngwezi ward at the central market yesterday, bemoaned the poor leadership of the previous regime saying the Patriotic Front (PF) government did not plan properly about the procurement of maize in the area.


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